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Okay,” it’s time to do some more scrapbooking” you say to yourself. You go about the house gathering all of the things you will need for your project(s). There is an item here and an item or two there. Piece by piece you assemble your paper, glue, embellishments, and don’t forget your boxes of photographs.

Once you get started then your “work area” becomes unavailable for much of anything else. If it happens to be on the kitchen table . . . meals will be served somewhere else–if at all. You know how engrossed you can get when scrapping.

Maybe you’re one of the well organized scrap-happy people. You have several totes with wheels. They are handy–especially if you go to a friends house for a scrapbooking/cropping party. You still have to have that special place to store them . . . and be sure to put everything back in its proper place–so you know where it’s at the next time you need it.

There is storage and workspace furniture as well as “scrapbooking armoires” on the market that would help you to keep things organized, and have a specific place for you to do all of your scrapbooking.

Take a look at this creative and useful pieces:

The Original Scrapbox (Workbox)

originalscrapbox 150x150 Scrapbook Furniture Armoire

The Minibox

minibox 300x216 Scrapbook Furniture Armoire

KeepSake Creation Station

keepsakes creationstation 150x150 Scrapbook Furniture Armoire


scrapncube Scrapbook Furniture Armoire

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