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Why attend a Scrapbooking Party? This is a question scrappers ask themselves from time to time. The primary answer is you go for the same reasons you would go to any party or social activity—the commonality and camaraderie of others.

Scrapbooking can certainly be done solo—many of us do. However, there is a synergy that happens when you get a group together for a common purpose. Gathering together brings new ideas, supplies and tools that can be shared. In this case, the sum of the whole is greater than the parts.
Friendships are forged. Isn’t that what scrapbooking is all about—memorializing memories. Some memories are etched in our minds . . . never to be seen on paper or in books. Enjoying what you do and sharing it with others can provide lasting rewards.

Gathering like-minded people together can provide benefits to all concerned. In scrapbooking one of the beneficial elements is from being able to see new creative ideas from others, as well as “picking their brain.”

Sharing tools and supplies can also be helpful. Most of us have more supplies of one thing or another than we might ever use. Don’t forget the tools. The functional cost of a tool diminishes with each use. Most tools have a long lasting workable life to them—so sharing them with others makes greater use of a good resource. We can all benefit from the use of a tool we don’t have, but are graciously allowed to use someone elses tool.

There could also be some advantages when it comes to purchasing tools and supplies. The purchase of supplies can be reduced when buying in large or bulk quantities. The problem we have is not in saving, rather in using what we’ve purchased. Buying a hundred of something to save a few cents doesn’t is only a savings if we use all or the majority of what we bought. Letting others share in that bounty benefits everyone.

The program of a scrapbook party doesn’t have to be very structured. The primary goal is to provide a dedicated time and place for scrappers to work on projects. Enough time should be allotted to completing at least one project. Some parties go for as long as 12 hours. Individuals are not required to stay the whole time, but many do.

Sharing in ideas and general friendship is a significant byproduct of a scrapbook party. Being among friends doing what they like best is a winning combination.

A party should be scheduled for a convenient day and time to meet the needs of the majority of those being invited. Not everyone will be able to attend every party. In addition, the location of the party should have sufficient space to accommodate the needs of all those who will be attending. We all need a little “spread-out” room. Tables and chairs need to be available and set up prior to the party’s start. (Electrical outlets should be easily accessible for the benefit of those who may have the need.) Be sure to arrange appropriate lighting . . . which may require party attendees to bring a lamp or two. Designate an area for any refreshments being provided by the host or from party participants.
Invitations should be provided to all participants: informing them of the time, place and any other information deemed appropriate and necessary for them to come prepared in advance. Try not to have any surprises. Have the invitees R.S.V.P. so you know how many will be attending. You may also have them identify any special needs they may have—i.e., electrical outlets, etc.
Let the scrapping party begin! And try to keep the noise down—for the neighbors. If they’re not scrappers themselves, they might not understand the fun and mayhem!

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