Handmade Greeting Cards and Invitations

greeting card Handmade Cards and Invitations

Greeting card image from Americangreetings.com

Receiving a card that has been hand crafted.

What mother or father doesn’t melt down when one of our children presents us with a birthday or mother’s/father’s day card scribbled on paper in crayon, pen or pencil. These are what memories are made of.

That is why making your own cards and invitations can be one of the primary focuses of your scrapbooking efforts. What a heartwarming gift or extension of our love and appreciation is shared in giving or receiving a handmade card . . . whether it be a birthday card, a thank you note, or any other card you create to show your feelings.

Invitations, too, are so fun, and you can create and tailor them to the specific activity or event you choose. As in cards, there is an added something in your invitation when you have put yourself into it.

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