As important as lettering is some of us just don’t feel comfortable using our own penmanship on our scrapbook pages and handmade cards, With practice and patience you can do it. Besides, some errors and mistakes show we are human and not infallible! They quite often illustrate who we are . . . the person they know–or over time, they are learning about through your craft work.

Here are a couple of helpful hints:

Keeping your lettering in a straight line can be a challenge. Using a straight edge and pencil, draw light lines to guide you that can later be erased.

Similar to the above tip, visually use object straight lines on your project–like the edges of photographs or some embellishment.

You can mask some imperfections in your lettering by “touching-up” your lettering . . . using dots, dashes or hearts at line intersections. Add additional embellishments, such as flowers, leaves and squiggles. Use your imagination a little, but don’t go overboard. Remember, “a little goes a long way.” You do not always want your pages to look too cutesy, and some imperfections are more than acceptable.

Maybe lettering on a separate sheet of paper, a piece that goes with your page, will give you additional confidence. If you do make a faux pas do it over. When it looks right to you cut and past it to your project.

If you are going to be using a calligraphy pen always do a little pre-practice first. Be sure to hold the pen’s tip at a 45 degree angle.

You may feel better if you have a family member, or a friend, do the lettering for you, but you should make some effort to do your journaling/letter in your own hand.

There is always the commercial side to the process, but not as personal. You can purchase fonts (even one custom made from your own handwriting), rub-ons (letters and phrases), stickers, etc. Most of these commercial options can be purchased at craft and scrapbooking stores like Joann’s or Mr. Art .  We recommend you check out their online stores.

See “Journaling” for additional insight.

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