embellishments Design Accents and Embellishments“LET THE FUN BEGIN”

Next to the photograph, accents are the heart and soul of your scrapbook page or book. For most scrappers this is where the fun begins. These embellishments should highlight and enhance your focal point. You never want to over power your focal point or photos with too much embellishment. All elements of design should direct attention to your focal point–make it say what you want if to say!

You don’t have to be independently creative here. Using the benefit of others creativity can be a starting point. Where there is scrapbooking there are ideas: shops, magazines and friend’s scrapbooks–just to name a few. There is no want for ideas in this scrapbook crazed era if you take a little time to look around and explore.

One Note of Caution: As you use accents, be sure to use acid-free paper to keep your pages from yellowing or breaking down over time, and that your embellishments won’t cause damage or problems with your page, or your book.

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