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How to Create an Inexpensive Pre-made Scrapbook Album


With a little effort and some supplies you can put together your own Pre-made Scrapbook Albums. Here are some of the supplies you’ll need to create your own pre-made book:

1. Scrapbook Binder: You will need a binder – a 12″ x 12″ three ring binder will work. You may purchase a plain binder that you can decorate with the theme or subject of your book, or you can buy one that has acceptable decorations already for your project. plain 12 x 12  scrapbook binder 150x150 Make Your Own Pre made Scrapbook Kit.
2. Sheet protectors: You will need some 12″ x 12″ sheet protectors to insert your completed scrapbook pages into. You’ll need enough for each page you wish to place in your book. Although you may want to put back to back sheets into each protector sheet–facing out on each side. 12 x 12 scrapbook sheet protectors 150x150 Make Your Own Pre made Scrapbook Kit
3. Scrapbook paper: You want to select your scrapbook paper with a design or theme that is in keeping with what you feel the book aught to be about. paper green pattern Make Your Own Pre made Scrapbook Kit
4. Cardstock: Here you’ll want to select cardstock with the colors that coordinate with those colors found in your scrapbook design or themed paper. cardstock display 150x150 Make Your Own Pre made Scrapbook Kit
5. Paper Cutter: You’ll need some type of paper cutter or trimmer. cutterpede paper trimmer pink 150x150 Make Your Own Pre made Scrapbook Kit
 6. Adhesive/Glue or Double-stick Tape: You will need some sort of adhesive to put your scrapbook pages together, and to add embellishments if they do not already have adhesive on them.   glue and adhesive display 4 views 150x150 Make Your Own Pre made Scrapbook Kit
 7. Embellishments: Select the embellishments you want to go with your theme. (Stickers, stamps, cut-outs, ect.)  embellishments Make Your Own Pre made Scrapbook Kit

Okay, now with your supplies in hand you can begin to assemble your Pre-made Scrapbook Album. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

1. You should have already selected a theme for your book as you were getting your design paper and cardstock in coordinating colors.. Themes can be focused on colors, an event or special occasion, or maybe you want it to eclectic with various themes. This is your album, so you decide. (Unless you are putting this album together for someone else, then you need to be directed by their theme or interest needs).

2. You should have the paper[s] selected and set aside that you want to use in this specific album.

3. Select one of your designer sheets of paper to use as your background.

4. You want to make frames to hold your photographs.scrapbook photo mats 150x150 Make Your Own Pre made Scrapbook Kit You can create mats by cutting your cardstock and designer paper ¼” to ½” larger than the previous one. Determine where they should be located on your background paper and glue them together with the smaller one atop the larger one to form a frame background for the photos, and adhere them to your background mat cutting templates 150x150 Make Your Own Pre made Scrapbook Kit You may just want to use a single sheet of cardstock and cutout a decorative opening to frame around your photos in a less formal way. These mats could also be used for areas to put title and journal entry items. With some of the scrapbook tools available, you can produce whimsical as well as fancy or elegant cutouts.

5. Now some of the fun starts. You’re at the point where you can begin to add the embellishments. You can add your stickers, buttons, stamps, brads or any other embellishment you have chosen for this album to help focus on your theme.

6. When each page is completed to your personal liking, you can then insert them into your sheet protectors and place them inside your binder.

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