A Scrapbook Beginner’s First Challenge:
Where To Get Started?

Okay, you have a bunch of photographs . . . some old and some new.  You feel this sudden urge to put them all in a scrapbook.  Then comes the age old question for novice scrapbook crafters, “Where do I begin?”  As a newbie to the craft you want to keep things as simple as possible in the beginning.  Here are some simple ideas and helps to get things “kick-started.”  These suggestions, while simple in concept, will require some time and thought.  What you need to do first is create a plan and follow it.

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Organize Your Photographs


photo sorting box Easy Steps To Starting A Scrapbook
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Your goal or focus here is to select and organize your photographs into groupings that have some similarity:  scenes, people, things, etc.  You need to know what you have to work with.  If you have any sizable amount of photos this task can take some time.  How you organize them is really up to you.

To help you in this process, have containers you can put each category or grouping into and put a note or label with them so you know what they are.  This will help you a great deal as you engage in creating your pages and books.  The more definitive you make your categories or groupings the easier things will be in selecting themes or a focus–whether for a page or for an entire scrapbook.  Remember, however, the more you defined your groups or categories are to be, the more time it will take you.

Select Themes For Your Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Pages

topper 1 Easy Steps To Starting A Scrapbooktopper 2 Easy Steps To Starting A ScrapbookOnce your photographs have been organized you need to consider the themes, title or topper you want to scrap your book or pages to.  Some themes will be immediately recognizable from the pictures themselves, others may take a bit of thought and creativity.

topper 3 Easy Steps To Starting A ScrapbookStart with the theme of your scrapbook first.  Next you may need to break your book into sections if you are using more than one defined theme:  vacations may include more than one, or events, or holidays, etc.  Lastly, identify themes for individual pages.


Plan Your Scrapbook Book and Page Layouts

sketched scrapbook layout title Easy Steps To Starting A ScrapbookWith your photographs organized and you’ve selected appropriate themes for your book and pages, you can now focus on the general layout of them as you would like them to appear.

layout sketch2 Easy Steps To Starting A ScrapbookHand sketch is the easiest way to get a general view of how you would like your book and pages to look.  In the case of the book, you simply need to determine if you are going to combine themes or make a single themed book.  If you choose to make a multi-themed book you’ll need to insert some dividers to denote the changed theme or focus.  For pages, you want to denote where the pictures will be placed, where your journal entries will be placed, and where your embellishments should go.

embellishment wedding theme Easy Steps To Starting A ScrapbookEmbellishments need to be considered that work with your theme, the paper and your photographs.  Used just enough to add interest and attention to your page.  Don’t be garish or over due them.

journaling Easy Steps To Starting A ScrapbookJournaling is essential to each page, because viewers may not recognize individuals, places and things as you would.  Jot down on paper what you feel is important to say about these elements.



At least now you have some idea of what it takes to get going on your own scrapbook project.  Scrapbooks are not a “happening” but are a “process.”  You will surely spend more time and effort learning more of the details and methods of creating your masterpieces.  Good Luck, and Get Going!!!

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