chalk scrapbook Simple Scrapbooking Techniques   Chalk

chalklets Simple Scrapbooking Techniques   Chalk

There are a number of ways to add a bit of color to your scrapbook and personal card projects–chalk happens to be one of them.  The nice thing about chalk is you can add a little splash of color just about anywhere on your layout.

chalk pastels Simple Scrapbooking Techniques   ChalkChalk comes in a wide variety of colors which are often called pastels.  Chalk affords you the opportunity to create delicate accents with a touch of color.  Shading, tinting and aging a layout can be assisted with the use of chalk.

clean workspace Simple Scrapbooking Techniques   ChalkWhen using chalk remember chalk dust can and will attach to most everything.  This caution is not meant to have you avoid using chalk, no, you need to be aware of the nature of chalk to make it a plus for you.  Be sure to use a clean area for applying your colors, and take the extra time to clean your work area after using chalk so the prior project’s chalk doesn’t get on your next page or card project.

Before you go gung-ho with chalk, you may want to make some tests on different scrapbook and card materials: vellum, card stock, photos, etc.  This will give you experience on using chalk, and allow you to see the effect chalk can provide.

For more information on using chalk on your scrapbook and personal card projects, check out these other two articles:

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Enjoy this fun and useful scrapbook technique.  Add a little touch of color or elegance to your paper craft projects.

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