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Even though buttons are one of the most universally familiar objects we see each and every day–buttons on shirts, coats, blouses, dresses, etc.–who would give serious thought to using them in scrapbook and card making efforts.  They have become one of the favored embellishments.

Buttons are simple, easy to attached, versatile and relatively inexpensive.  With a little effort and a creative view you can add new dimensions to your cards and scrapbook pages.  Buttons allow you to add color, shape, texture and accent to any project.  Buttons come in a myriad of sizes, shapes and designs, and a world of colors.

button bellishment Simple Scrapbook Techniques   ButtonsButtons can add visual enhancement to your pages and cards.  They can be useful in anchoring other objects–embellishments such as photos, tags or journal cards to your layouts–in-addition to adding color (either in harmony or as a contrast) to your projects theme.

They are lightweight and generally durable.  Buttons can be cloth covered to add a touch of elegance where needed, or soften a page or card.  Metal buttons give an appearance of strength.

button shank removal Simple Scrapbook Techniques   ButtonsWhen using buttons on your scrapbook projects you need to be sure they are acid free.  Also, flat back buttons work best.  You may need to remove any shank on the back of a button (not manufactured specifically for crafting) by nipping or sanding the shank.  This is especially important if you are using buttons meant primarily for clothing.

Attaching buttons is relatively easy.  Simply place an adhesive or glue dot on the back of the button and place the button where you desire.

button needle yarn Simple Scrapbook Techniques   ButtonsButtons can be hand sewn with thread, yarn, string or floss.  Use a needle with an eye large enough to accommodate your stitching material, and one that will go through the holes in the button.  If you prefer attaching your buttons with adhesive, but want a faux stitched look, simply put your stitching material through the holes and affix the end to the back of the button with an adhesive which may also be used to attach your button to your scrapbook page or card.

button placement layout Simple Scrapbook Techniques   ButtonsButtons can be used individually on your projects.  When grouping buttons for effect–color enhancement, etc.  be sure to use odd numbers in the grouping (3, 5, 7 etc.).  Don’t go overboard–a little goes a long ways, but use what you feel you need.

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