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Most scrapbook and card crafters will easily identify with brads. These versatile implements have been around for a long time.  Brass brads have been used by students for ions of time as the fastener of theme papers and reports.  Today they have been transformed into a very useful art object which paper crafters use in a variety of ways.

In addition to being used to affix items to your cards and scrapbook pages, you can use them to embellish your projects.  While the most common brad is a basic round shape, today these time honored little fasteners are being produced in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes.  Your use of them is only limited by your imagination.

flower with brad center Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Bradsdecorative brads Simple Scrapbook Techniques   BradsYou will see them used as the center of flowers–for decoration and as an attaching element for your flower–dual purpose use.  The more decorative brads can be used on your projects to give either a simple touch of accent, or to affix something else to your page or card.

Brads are extremely beneficial to scrapbook and card crafters because of their versatility and their relative low cost.  Saving money lets you do more of your creative projects.  The fact that they are easy to use, and require no special tools, make them a great tool or decoration to have on hand.

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To use a brad is a simple process.  First, make a small hole in your paper or card (use a small pointed object like a pin, nail or paper piercer–but don’t make the hole too big), and anything you may be attaching.  Next, the brad has two prongs on its backside.  Make sure these prongs are together and insert them through the hole(s) you have just made.  Next, with the brad inserted in your whole you can then splay or flare the prongs out flat against your project like a butterfly securing them–and anything you may be attaching.    To keep the prongs flared out and the position of the brad constant simply place a strip of tape over the splayed prongs–which should be on the reverse side of your project.  There you have it.

Now you have another useful and decorative tool in your crafting tool bag!

With brads you have a versatile and easy way to enhance pages and cards as well at attaching other embellishments.  They help you expand your creative capabilities.

If you’re not currently using brads in your scrapbook page and personal card creations, you may want to invest a little money and some time to give them a try.  You’ll be glad you did!

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