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In the beginning years of scrapbook crafting, card stock was the prime paper available and used by most crafters.  With the coming of printed papers many paper crafters abandoned the plain color card stock offerings.  Nothing against patterned papers, but there is a place–a significant one–for plain colored paper.

As you acquire your scrapbook and personal card making supplies, paper will obviously be a staple.  When choosing the primary papers you want to work with, and there are tons of choices out there, be sure to have ample supplies of card stock.

Beginning scrappers may be well served to “cut their teeth” using plain colored card stock on their initial scrapbook projects.  Card stock offers you a simple clean and fresh looking paper to begin your layout.  There is less time and focus needed to select accents and embellishments that won’t clash with a printed or patterned paper.  A beginning crafter need only concern themselves with an appropriate color, selected photographs, some journal entries and an accent or two to bring our your page’s theme.

With time and experience, paper crafters can expand their horizon.  They will learn balance, symmetry and color schemes that will allow them to begin mixing textures and patterns in their creations–but in the beginning they will do well to stay with simple elements.

cardstock scrap cutouts Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Card Stockcardstock photo frames Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Card StockCard stock holds a great deal of versatility.  In addition to being the backdrop of your scrapbook’s pages, with the help of scissors and die cuts, scraps of card stock can be the embellishment you need for a particular project.  This also extends the cost value of the card stock itself by making more use of the whole sheet for other than your page’s background.  Consider, too, using card stock for photo mats, journaling strips and blocks, tags and borders.  You’ll find more uses for this important material as your effort and experience increases.

Be sure the card stock you purchase is lignin and acid free.  If you purchase your paper from reputable scrapbook and craft supply stores or outlets (online), you should be comfortable their providing you with reliable card stock.

Scrapping can be tons of fun, but costly, if you let it.  Use these tips to help you enjoy your crafting and help reduce your expenses.

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