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No scrapbook is complete without the addition of well thought out touches of color, accents or embellishment and some chosen journal words. Otherwise you just have a plain old bland looking photo album. Scrapbook crafters are all about providing those special touches to their pages to give feeling, dimension and tell a story along with the photographs.

Each scrapbook page is unique in their stories. The addition of embellishments certainly helps bring them to life. Personal cards, too, say something special with the right embellishments and comment(s). You can easily buy hundreds of embellishments from professional producers at your favorite craft or scrapbook supply store. The real creme de la creme embellishments are those created by your own hands.

Handcrafted embellishments are well thought out additions to your project–along with your page’s basic layout. The selected pictures are there to help tell your story. The words you choose to journal have personal meaning. These aspects of your crafting a scrapbook page or a personal card are priceless. Many handmade elements you add or use in your page or card creations don’t take a great deal of effort or expense. In fact the expense part may be one of the real benefits because you can, and should, use leftovers and other things about your house and craft area.

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Consider some of these items as you look at adding those special treatments to your pages and cards. These special items can add a touch of elegance where needed, or give the page some levity or whimsical flare . . . you’re the judge: yarn (knitted or crocheted items), lace, beads, ribbon, paper, silk or plastic flowers (don’t forget dried flowers–but remember they’re very dedicated, so use some of the more hardy items like leaves and stems, etc.). Be sure to check your magazines for pictures, letters and phrases. Certainly this list is not all inclusive, but a guide to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe a bit of your own art work (see article on “Theorem Painting with Scrapbook Pages”) or tole painting.

When considering creating your own embellishments–especially for scrapbooks–be sure the items you use are acid and lignin free. You don’t want your creative enhancements to be harmful to your pages. Also be sensitive to sharp or jagged edges which can cut your pages and cards, and items of extra thickness. You want to make your pages uniform in their look and thickness where possible.

Use good judgment and remember that a lot goes a long ways. Don’t try to over due any page with accents that over whelm or detract from your overall page’s theme and feeling . . . that said, hand made embellishments add a great deal of feeling and focus. Use them wisely because they’re “one of a kind.”

handmade embellishments quilling Simple Scrapbook Tecniques   Handmade Embellishmentshandmade embellishments crochet Simple Scrapbook Tecniques   Handmade EmbellishmentsHere are some more examples of handmade embellishments you could consider making and using yourself.

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