sanding scrapbook pages Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Sanding

imaginise d stress Simple Scrapbook Techniques   SandingSanding is a simple inexpensive yet very effective way to add a worn or aged look to your scrapbook pages.  With the aid of an abrasive such as sandpaper, sanding block, emery board, wire brush and steel wool you can create a totally different look to an embellishment or space on your scrapbook page.  You also may want to consider using a distressing tool like Imaginisce’s d-stress cordless hand-held sanding tool.

Like many techniques scrapbook crafters can and do use, limiting them to a few pages enhances there usefulness.  Over doing one technique can reduce the desired affect you are seeking to get.

sanded embossed scrapbook page Simple Scrapbook Techniques   SandingSanding offers a quick and easy way to make a new item or element look old, worn and used.  You add a dullness, a softening and aging to an otherwise new item.  This change of texture on paper or an embellishment can create an awesome feeling of nostalgia.

With little effort you can create new looks on such items as: photos,  chipboard, paper, card stock, metal and other embellishments.   A few rubbing strokes on these elements can do wonders to their overall look.

distressing abrasive tools Simple Scrapbook Techniques   SandingTo get that distressed look all you need to do is begin by lightly rubbing your desired element with your choice of  abrasive–some experimentation may be needed to ensure the abrasive you use gives the desired affect you’re after.

Sanding can be a messy task as you remove color and material from your objects.  You should work in an area away from your scrapbook pages so the unwanted removed material doesn’t get on your pages.  Cover the work area where you do your sanding with paper to help in keeping the work area clean.

As you use this simple technique try or experiment with different abrasives and materials to be sanded.  Try using different ways of sanding:  against the grain, circular or directional (all in the same direction or across–in two directions at ninety degree angles).  With sandpaper and steel wool try different coarseness of each to see their individual benefits.

sanding cardstock before Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Sanding

Cardstock Before Sanding

sanding cardstock after Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Sanding

Cardstock After Sanding

Areas that can be rubbed or sanded might include: edges of paper, card stock (try color core) and photos; stickers and embellishments; lettering, patterned paper.  Always begin your sanding on a lighter basis first and heavier as you try to get the look you are after.

This sanding technique works equally well on personal cards  and invitations you may also be creating.

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