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What is a “topper” you may ask–simply put: the notation or title you make for your scrapbook page.  A good topper will set the tone for your entire page.  Before anything is viewed one can determine what your theme is for the page from your topper.

thanksgiving toppers Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Custom Made Toppers/TitlesToppers are frequently, and more easily, provided by  using a professionally produced rub-on, clip art, or other embellished statement.  There is nothing wrong with using one of these store bought helps.

However, a topper which is hand made often speaks as much about the creator of the page as it does about the page’s theme itself.  A well handcrafted topper or title to your scrapbook page can become an additional accent of it’s own.

What differentiates a topper from a page title?  Well, a page title is simply a descriptive notation of your pages theme.  A topper, on the other hand, is both descriptive and decorative.  Some additional creativity and art goes into a good topper.  Toppers easily add a flare or sense of elegance to your pages.  They may be whimsical, formal or something in between.

hand lettered scrapbook topper Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Custom Made Toppers/TitlesFree hand toppers allow you to show your artistic talents–we all have them, some more so than others, but we all have them.  These hand created (in many cases just lettered) toppers don’t have to be elaborate.

sketched scrapbook layout title Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Custom Made Toppers/TitlesWhen creating a free hand topper begin doing so as part of your pages layout before you begin cutting and pasting photos and embellishments.  Determine what your topper will say–your title, and where at the top of your page you it will be located.

Lightly rough-in or sketch what you topper will say and how it will look using a pencil.  Light pencil marks can be removed later.  Be sure to leave ample space between letters if you plan to use block style lettering.  Once you are comfortable with your design or topper creation, using markers, paint, etc. outline and  fill in the  areas where you want color and definition.  You can use any of your embellishing techniques to help, such as adding glitter, etc.  You be the judge on how you want your topper to be decorated.  Once you have completed the stylish decoration of your topper you can erase any pencil marks you don’t want to show.

letter stencil cutout Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Custom Made Toppers/TitlesYou could use a stencil or template to cut out the letters and designs you want to use for your topper.  You can also simply trace them onto your page.  Color and/or decorate them as you wish.  Affix them to your page in a formal order or a random order.

Like many new techniques you may try, you may want to do a dry run on a scrap piece of paper to help you learn and visualize what you can and can not do to create your topper.

You’ll find fun and a special feeling for your custom/hand crafter scrapbook page toppers.  You can use commercial titles too, but your own creations will always standout more!

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