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scrapbook tag handmade Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Tags The use of tags has become a chosen embellishment for use on scrapbook pages by many scrapbook crafters.  Tags represent a great way to extend and enhance the function ability of your pages.  They can become their own mini-page on your page.  Tags allow for the addition of photographs, captions, decorative mats, journaling, page titles and much more . . . let your creative juices flow.

Tags can be purchased ready made, or you can cut them from templates–as well as create them freehand.  There are die-cuts too to help you make needed tags.scrapbook tag ready made Simple Scrapbook Techniques   Tags They can be made from paper, wood, fabric, card stock, metal, sponge, press-board, or other craft materials you can easily cut.

Shapes of tags are primarily: rectangle, square, oval and round, but are not limited by these boundaries.  Your own imagination will create the right tag for the right project.  Tags can be various sizes: small, medium and large–depending on what your specific need is.  They should be so large as to overpower your page, however.

Pre-cut tags can be purchased and your favorite craft or scrapbook outlet, or from a supplier online.  There is a myriad of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.  You’ll just have to do some looking.

scrapbook tag fasteners Simple Scrapbook Techniques   TagsTags are easy to attach to your scrapbook page projects.  Use staples, fibers, ribbons and brads to name a few special ways to affix your tags to your pages.

You can keep them plain–for journaling, or gussy them up some to add to a photo you may be using, or as a simple embellishment of its own.  The uses for tags is limited mostly by your own imagination.

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