cutterpillar pro cutter CutterPillar Pro Paper Trimmer/Cutter

CutterPillar™ Pro

The new products for scrapbook, personal card makers and paper crafters never seems to end.   Here is one of the newest of the paper cutter/trimmers on the market.   Here are some of the details on this newest cutter:

  • Lightweight aluminum construction for strength with soft rubber feet to lessen the cutter’s movement, and to protect table top surfaces.
  • There is a storage drawer  that will accommodate 12″ paper, extra batteries, or other items of your choosing.
  • Will trim a full 12″ sheet of paper down to even the smallest scrap safely and effortlessly.
  • There is a powerful LED light track which illuminates the cutting edge for accurate cuts (even double sided or up-side-down).
  • This cutter provides the best of both worlds with a gear driven rotary blade which passes smoothly by a stationary blade for clean cuts through nearly any paper stock.

Some additional general comments about this cutter/trimmer that may be useful for scrapbook and paper crafters:

The grid calibration markings on the cutting table measure only down to 1/4″ which some crafters may find a detraction.  Going down to 1/8″ markings would increase its functionality and accuracy for certain cuts.  That having been said, the CutterPillar™ Pro cuts smoothly.  You don’t need to put excessive pressure on the blade to cut–just glide the cutter along the cutting bar.  The back lighting is a nice feature to help you see where pieces you have cropped off went.  (The LED back light is powered by 5 AA batteries.) The construction of the cutter provides for a great deal of safety when cutting because so little of the blade is exposed to where a finger could be injured.  (The trimmer blade is on one side and a plastic housing on the other with very little of the cutting blade showing.)   This cutter/trimmer produces very clean cuts.  The drawer on the underside is a useful storage area for extra paper, scissors, etc.  There is a built-in handle on the box the cutter comes in for handy carrying. A great value for the price.

cutterpillar pro carrying case CutterPillar Pro Paper Trimmer/Cutter

Should you feel the need to have one of these super scrapbook cutting tools – click here!

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