While eyelets have been around for what seems ions of time, they have on recently become a standard fixture for scrapbook and personal card crafters. We have the newest innovations in eyelet tools to thank for this evolution. The hand crimp eyelet setter, while useful for many applications, has limits because of the lack of being able to set eyelets much beyond factions of an inch from the border.

Our newest iterations of the eyelet and punch setter tools has expanded our capacity to place eyelets just about anywhere we choose on our scrapbook pages and personal cards. Having one of these versatile tools in your menagerie of helps is almost a no brainer. There are three eyelet products that should be able to accommodate your crafting needs:

Clikit from Karen Foster Design

clikit eyelet setter Eyelete Setters for Scrapbooking 

Now you can set eyelets, punch holes and emboss–quietly–with the help of Karen Foster Design’s Clikit multi-purpose spring action tool. This patent pending tool provides the same pressure as a hammer, but you only have to press Clikit’s handle.

Clikit comes with ten (10) interchangeable tips–including a duel tip; lacing tip; an eyelet splitter tip; an eyelet rounder tip; a piercing tool; six (6) hole punching tips (from 2 mm to 5 mm in diameter); a starter set of two (2) sie of eyelets; a punch pad; and complete instructions–all in a custom wooden box. Additional embossing alphabets and six icon sets can be purchased separately.

How to set an eyelet using the Clikit Tool:

  • Place you item to receive the eyelet on the setting mat that comes with the tool kit.
  • Select the appropriate size tip for making the needed hole to receive the eyelet.
  • Place the tool on the item you’re punching the hole in– where you want the hole to be and press down on the toll handle until you hear the click of the completed punch.  For thick or layered items you’ll want to keep the tool in place to allow for another push on the tool to complete the hole through all the material.  You may have to do this a couple of times to complete the hole.
  • Select the eyelet you wish to use and place the eyelet into the hole you’ve just created with your Clikit Tool.  Holding the eyelet in place, flip your material over and rest it on your setting mat.
  • Change the hole making tip in your Clikit Tool to one of the two eyelet setting tips.
  • Place the tool with the new tip down onto  the backside of the eyelet protruding through your hole and press down on the tool until you hear the click.  You may need to set the tool more than once to spread the eyelet open (securing your project with the eyelet).

In addition to setting eyelets, you can emboss metal  and stitch–just follow the instructions provided.

Instant Setter from Making Memories

eyelet setter mat box set Eyelete Setters for Scrapbooking

Instant Setter from Making Memories is an easy tool to use. The Instant Setter has a magnetic head for easy tip changes and an adjustable tension control.

The kit includes:

  • 3 hole punch tips
  • 4 setting tips (punch and setting tip sizes are: 1/16, 1/8, 3/16)
  • A cone tip that works with the Stamping Set (for paper or ribbon weaving and corner slot punching)
  • A setting mat, and
  • An adjustable spring loaded setting handle/tool with tension control for easy hole punching and eyelet setting.
  • All of these components come in a tin storage container.

Silent Setter from Provo Craft

silent setter Eyelete Setters for Scrapbooking 

Provo Craft’s Slient Setter Hammerless Eyelet Tool Set will help you papercrafters set eyelets without the bother and noisy process of pounding your setter to set eyelets. Now all you need to do is push and twist the selected punch tip through your project to create a hole. With the magnetized tips, changing to an appropriate sized setting tip is simple and quick. After creating your hole and inserting your chosen eyelet simply give a push down on your tool with the setting tip to secure the eyelet.

Provo Craft’s Silent Setter Hammerliess Eyelet Tool Set includes:

  • The Silent Setter Tool
  • Three (3) sizes of punch tips
  • A mini craft mat
  • 50 eyelets in assorted colors
  • A zippered carrying case (measures: 2-1/2″ by 5-1/4″ by 10-3/4″inces).


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