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So you’ve thought about dipping your toe into the scrapbook pond. Good for you!

Each of us has made that decision at least once–then shortly thereafter a little doubt creeps into our mind. We begin to think up all of the reasons we can’t take on this enjoyable art craft. What are some of those reasons that keep us from being involved? Here’s a few of them–not in any particular order of priority:

  • Don’t Know Where to Begin.
  • No time.
  • Too many photos to deal with.
  • Lack of Supplies.
  • Not Creative Enough

Let’s take a look at each of these to see if we can resolve them in our minds and help get you going.


“You need to learn to walk before you run!”

You need to accept the fact that everything has a beginning . . . most often a rough one as we begin to learn.

Your first “baby steps” into scrapbooking should be ones of learning the basics a little. There are plenty of scrapbook magazines available, and books, to help you on your way. You should take a look at the following articles on our site to help you:

With the help from these articles you should be ready to go.


Every one is blessed with the same twenty-four hours in a day. Time to do things really is a matter of personal priority. We all find the time to do things that have a priority. Some things are dictated to us in terms of our priority.

Let’s just focus on the time we have to set our own priority to–we usually think of this specific time as our “free time.” We can hear you, “No free time for me–work, domestic responsibilities, etc.” Yes, we all have them. Somehow or other we find time to read, watch television, or do other things of interest to us.

So, what’s the answer? Make scrapbooking one of your priorities for your free time.


Oh . . . to have that problem is every scrapbookers dream. There are never enough photographs . . . with the right pose, etc.

What we really are saying is how do I get them organized in such a way as to focus on a page or a book.

This step does take a little effort, but one you can do with a little time and effort. You need to begin looking at your photos and sorting them into categories you pick, i.e. photos of an specific individual (mother, father, husband, children, etc.), a pet, a place (home, travel and vacation sites, etc.). You get the idea. Try not to make the categories too broad at first. You can further expand your categories later. What you want to do now is get some organization going. Also, it helps you as you create your page and book themes.

  • Place these categorized and sorted photos into boxes or some other holder that is convenient and label what the category is on the box. This will make selecting the group of photos easier in the future.


Getting started doesn’t really require a lot of supplies . . .  some as a minimum, but easily obtainable–in fact you may already have some of them:

  • Photographs
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Embellishments
  • Photo Corners
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Straight Edge/Ruler

For those things you don’t have that you need: paper, cardstock, embellishments, etc. you can find most of them at JoAnn.com, Scrapbook.com, MisterArt.com and Scrapbook SuperCenter.com. These sites have tons of stuff at reasonable prices (many are on sale).


While there are some people blessed with creative talent, most of us have gained our creativity through learning. We learn in several different ways: classroom, texts, magazines and we learn by seeing.

Creativity is all around us . . . especially in nature. There are some simple rules we should follow, but your creativity is as valuable as any craft person. Use the information in this website as well as others.  (To find other valuable articles on this website go to the Site Map/Index or use the “search” tool.) Remember: You are your own best judge.

Follow these simple suggestions to help you over come the proverbial excuses of why you can’t get started or be involved in scrapbooking. Now go have some fun! Permission granted!

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