Why Should You Consider Pre-made Scrapbooks?

 pre made scrapbooks 150x125 Pre made Scrapbooks

There are several answers to this question. The three of prominence would be (1) time, (2) expense and (3) creativity. Let’s consider each of these issues one by one.

  1. Limited Time:Some people have a limited amount of time to engage in scrapbooking. For some people engaging in a craft that consumes a great deal of time, like scrapbook crafting,  may be put off by the time and effort required to finish a book. Having a complete kit that includes all one needs to put a scrapbook together is a great way to soften the issue of time commitment.
  2. Total Expense: Buying all of the elements one will need to put a decent scrapbook together could be overwhelming. While a pre-made scrapbook has some cost involved, they could be looking at a much smaller  drain on their wallet buy investing in a complete  pre-made kit. Buying individual items can easily be more costly–especially when the crafter has to include all the supplies and tools they may need to use. If beginning scrapbooker really think they’re going to jump into scrapbook crafting with both feet, then maybe doing a pre-made book is a waste of time and mone–go get the necessary tools and supplies and jumb in.
  3. Creativity: The newbie to scrapbook crafting may feel overwhelmed with getting started in this paper craft craze. There may be some hesitation because they feel they lack the creativity they see in others who are more experienced and practiced in the craft. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Everyone has some measure of creativity. Besides, these are for and about the creator of the scrapbook. All of that having been said, getting started for the first time can be a challenge. They may want to consider pre-made scrapbooks as “training wheels.”They’ll be able to become involved in the process without all the issues noted above. This way they will see how it’s done, and hopefully get a feel for whether or not this is something they want to get involved with in a bigger way.

Whether you get involved in the scrapbook family of crafters or not is a question only you can answer. The point being made here is that you have the option to be involved in the craft at a low level of cost, time and having to rack your brain for creative things to produce.

Another advantage of some of these pre-made scrapbooks is that in those kits that require some assembly they come with examples or instructions to follow. These kits can come with easy to use pre-printed photos mats on the page. All the person has to do is put their photographs in the right places.

Even the well healed scrapbook crafter may find a pre-made book the way to go for a particular theme, or because of time constraints–someone asks you to produce a book on short notice for them. Pre-made books can also be a nice gift, and are not necessarily difficult to construct.

There are some disadvantages to these books, however. The biggest one is being locked into a defined or limited set of themes available and what the kit provides. What ever the kit offers is what you have to work with. There is little room for you to modify the book–things like the number of pages, the number of photos you can use, etc. So they aren’t perfect, but they answer the needs for many would be crafters for the reasons noted above.


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