messy desk1 How to Organize your Scrapbook Workspace

Every serious scrapbooker’s dream is to have a “scrapbook room.” What it would consist of varies with each scrapper. Not all of us are so lucky. At best we can hope for a dedicated workspace–be it a folding table in your den, dining room or bedroom. If you are one of the fortunate few to have a “scrapbook room,” great! Either way, organization is a must!

Organization will be the key to your success as a scrapper. As much as possible everything should have its proper place . . . labeled or easily identifiable. You’d like to have it so organized that you can find things blind folded.

Here are some useful organizational tips and ideas:


Too often usable workspace is at a premium. There never seems to be enough space to accommodate your needs. Nonetheless, you need a table or some flat surface to work on. A simple folding table–be it a card table, folding utility table or a folding banquet table, (we’re assuming a space other than the kitchen table)–is paramount. The size of the table will be determined more by the workspace you have available and the table you have or are willing to buy. Covering the workspace with “butcher” paper will help keep your space clean for future use by changing the paper after each scrapping session–or as needed. Glue, glitter, tacky paper and stickers, etc. can be a problem as you work on your projects, so keep your workspace as neat and clean as possible.


Because a scrapping session can last for hours your comfort should be a priority. The chair you use must be comfortable as possible.

A good serviceable chair should be comfortable with sufficient padding ( you can add some if your need to), should be mobile with casters and swivels, and should allow you to make height adjustments. Most office supply stores carry a good selection in varying price ranges. Check out a couple of them before making your final selection.


Don’t over look the need for good adequate lighting. You need to see what you’re working on as cleanly and clearly as is possible–so lighting is essential.

You can use floor lamps, table lamps and clip-on lamps to augment your regular room lighting. You may want use lighting that best simulates daylight. Consulting with art and craft supply stores, or lighting stores will help you solve this need as it pertains to your dedicated workspace.


There is never enough!!! You need to make the most of the space you have to work with. There are two specific storage requirements: tool and supplies, and paper. Try as much as possible to keep your most used and/or favorite tools easily accessible for your convenience.


There are a myriad of storage/holders for your tools and supplies. Most art and craft stores like Scrapbooking Tools, Supplies & More all at carry a good selection. Pick storage units and containers that are functional to your needs and will easily fit in the space you have available for them. Totes are equally valuable for storing these items.

PAPER: (12″ x 12″ and 8 1/2″ x 11″)

The best place to solve this important storage need is to check with your favorite scrapbook, art or craft supply store. They have access to storage solutions. (EK Success provides paper storage racks to retail stores for display only. You may want ask your craft store if they could or would order them for you.)

If you have access to a good cabinet maker, and are willing to handle the expense, you can have storage units custom made for your space.

Remember to keep your favorite tools, supplies and paper in the most usable and convenient place at your workspace.


If you have a space, but is used for other needs and purposes, you may want to consider purchasing one of the scrapbook armoires available. They are compact and very usable–with all of your supplies at your finger tips. Or, take a look at The Scrap Rackā„¢.

Either way, good organization makes for good fun scrapbooking!

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