Every Scrapbook Has A Theme or Topic of Focus

page title Themes For Scrapbook Pages

One of the first tasks you must under take when constructing your scrapbook and its pages is selecting themes.   A theme designates what your scrapbook or pages is all about.  As you contemplate this task, consider these elements: 1) What is the overall purpose of the scrapbook? 2) Who is the scrapbook for–who will be viewing the book? and 3) What and who should the book be about?

The process of selecting a theme, topic or premise of your work will often take place as you sort through your photographs.  Groups of photos with similar focus or attention may be your starting point.  Or, you could decide on a subject or idea, and then look to see if you have sufficient snap shots to create a page or pages.  Sometimes this process just happens in a normal sort of way . . . other times you have to do some thinking and projecting to find a theme to use.  For the most part, the pictures will do the talking.

You don’t have to be constrained to the pre-packaged theme kits you can buy at your local craft store, although doing so might be a good first start.  Unfortunately, they are limited in scope and what your particular needs may be.  That means you need to be creative . . . designing your own.

Here are some general themes to help you get going.  This is not a comprehensive list.  As noted above, your stock of pictures will do more to direct you to the specific and special themes you will want to use, but these ideas will help–especially the beginner:

  • Heritage/Family – This can be a general–all inclusive–theme, or you can break it down to correspond to your family tree. Further breakdowns could zero in on single individuals: parent(s), sibling(s), child(ren), etc.
  • Travel – You could arrange books and pages in a chronological order, or by specific locations or areas visited.
  • Holidays/Special Occasions - Again, you could arrange books and pages by the specific Holiday or Special Occasion, or chronologically.
  • Birthdays – You could do them by individual or by month (especially when there may be several birthdays in a month for different family members).
  • Graduations/School Promotions – These could be for each individual event, or inclusive of several events per individual, i.e.  promotion from elementary to middle or junior high school, promotion to high school, graduation from high school, college or technical/applied school, etc.
  • Anniversaries
  • Reunions – Family, school or other group gatherings.  These could be created for each reunion gathering, or in some chronological order.
  • Pets – Nearly all of the opportunities that apply to humans could also be subjects for pets and animals.
  • Seasons – This broad topic could incorporate many of the titles noted above.
  • Hobbies or Special Events – Occasionally we have unique or special things that happen in our lives we want to capture.  We may want to capture highlights of our personal interest and hobbies.

This list could easily go on, but the intent here is to give you some ideas to get going.  Your own needs and imagination will be the best guide.  There are not hard and fast rules here.  Do what you feel makes the most sense as you tell your stories in your scrapbooks and scrapbook pages.

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