ring bound book1 Scrapbook Binding Methods – Ring Binding

The Ring-binder method is simple and straight forward.  Most of us are familiar with the ringed binders we use in school and at the office.  Usually made with 3 metal (sometimes plastic) rings enclosed in a cloth bound or vinyl cover.  Ring-binder’s are versatile and allow for ease in adding or removing pages.  These uncomplicated books can be purchased at a nominal price at many shops: craft, office supply, grocery stores, etc.

binder ring round Scrapbook Binding Methods – Ring Binding

Round Binder Ring

binder D ring Scrapbook Binding Methods – Ring Binding

D-ring Binder

binder elliptical ring Scrapbook Binding Methods – Ring Binding

Elliptical Ring Binder

binder single ring Scrapbook Binding Methods – Ring Binding

Single Ring Binder

There are essentially three types of ring binders:  the ring binder (where the rings are cylindrical); the d-ring (where the ring has a straight elongated side to keep pages from rounding over; and elliptical overlapping ring (where the rings are cylindrical, usually made of plastic or PVC and the ends that open for page insertion lap over each other).  Which type you choose to use may be more dependent on the size and utility of your scrapbook.  Each of these options will accommodate page stacks up to 3″ (as measured from the top of the ring to the binder base.  For scrapbook use, you most likely wouldn’t want to use a ring binder over 2″.

For scrapbooks you want binders that will hold your 12″ x 12″ completed scrapbook pages.  These size binders will actually be larger than 12″ x 12″ with added size to keep your pages from being disturbed when handling.  Most commercial ring binders come with three rings.  Smaller sized binders may have only two.  Hand made ring binders can be made with loose leaf 3-ring binders (round or d-ring), elliptical rings, or 2 or three single rings.  The choice is yours.

These options may not be what you are looking for.  Click here to visit our web-page on other scrapbook binding options, or go to our alphabetical subject page above and click on the “S” to see information on other binding pages.

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