screw  post book binding1 Scrapbook Binding Methods – Screw and Post Binding

The Screw and Post Binding method is perhaps the most familiar to scrapbook crafters along with the ring-binder.  These books are the “backbone” of the scrapbook portfolio.  They can be purchased for a nominal cost.  Their drawbacks to “store bought albums” can be in the lack of being able to customize or personalize their covers, and their capacity limits.  Creating your own book using the Screw and Post Binding method is not difficult.  screw  post bound book graphic Scrapbook Binding Methods – Screw and Post BindingThe process is very similar to side stitching process (see article on Side Stitch Binding), but metal post and screws are used to bind your papers.  One nice element to this type bound book or album is the ability to add or remove pages easily.

Some basic information about binding screw and posts:

screw posts Scrapbook Binding Methods – Screw and Post Binding

Screw & Post Fasteners

  • These post and screws are sometimes referred to as Chicago binding screw or post clamp.
  • The most popular variety is made from aluminum, but can come in plastic, brass and steel–in addition to coming in colors.
  • The set come in two pieces–a binding screw and binding post or barrel post.  The binding screw is twisted, or screwed into the binding post.
  • The binding post or barrel come in various heights to provide appropriate paper capacities: 1/8″ up to 4″
  • The post or barrel is 3/16″ in diameter and will fit into 1/4″ punched or drilled holes, or the 5/16″ sized hole produced with a standard 3-hole paper punch.
  • The screw is 7/16′ in diameter.
  • You can purchase extensions to expand your scrapbooks/albums should the need arise.

These options may not be what you are looking for.  Click here to visit our web-page on other scrapbook binding options, or go to our alphabetical subject page above and click on the “S” to see information on other binding pages; or there are two good informational websites you can go to if you want to make your own scrapbook albums using Screw and Post binding with Instructables or Alternative Photography’s site.

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