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Velo Binding

(Also Called Velobind)

Velo binding is a type of document fastener or binder using a narrow strip of plastic on the front and back and attached with thin plastic pegs through the pages where small holes have been made on the spine side of the book.  This type of binding option is not readily used for scrapbooks because the binding is generally thought of as being permanent.  The binding can be removed and pages added or removed, but not quickly or with ease.  This option may be well suited for those scrapbooks considered complete, and no or little changes would be made.   This binding option does not lay flat.   VeloBind is a trademark of General Binding Corporation (GBC).

The most common form of velobind is a holed strip and a tined strip which are connected.  There are several styles of this type binding: an 11 evenly spaced pins placed in the spine; a 4 pin re-close-able strip (where the 11 hole or 4 hole pattern can be used); and 6 pin re-close-able strip.

There are two methods of finishing the bind–hot knife and cold knife–which determines how the spine is cut and sealed.  In the cold knife method you simply snap off or bend the pins into place; while the hot knife method the machine cuts the pin and the excess is sealed with heat (the pin excess is melted).

Even though the velo binding is considered a permanent bind, using a utility knife or the special cutting tool included with binding machines, the binding can be carefully removed.  There are 4 and 6 pin re-close-able strips available.  Click on the photographs to get details on the particular machine/system:

 Velo Binding Machines

GBC Velobind V110e Electric Binding Machine

GBC velobind v110e binding machine Scrapbook Binding Methods   Velo Binding

GBC VeloBind-V110E

The GBC Velobind V110e Electric Binding Punch is a small electric punch designed to punch documents for use with GBC’s Reclosable 4 Pin velobind Strips. The Velobind V110e utilizes a simple push button punching mechanism and can punch up to 20 sheets per lift. Using the GBC reclosable velobind strips, you can bind documents up to 200 pages thick. This is one of the least expensive electric binding machines available anywhere.
GBC VeloBind V50 Punch

GBC velobind V50 binding machine  Scrapbook Binding Methods   Velo Binding

GBC VeloBind V50

GBC VeloBind V50 Punch The GBC VeloBind V50 Punch offers a convenient, desktop VeloBind punching system perfect for home or small office use. Make all your reports, proposals, and other documents clean, professional, and modern with the look of VeloBind binding strips. The GBC V50 allows you to get the professional look you need in an affordable, compact system.

These options may not be what you are looking for.  Click here to visit our web-page on other scrapbook binding options, or go to our alphabetical subject page above and click on the “S” to see information on other binding pages.

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