Where Can You Find Scrapbook Ideas?

layout sketch 300x300 Finding Scrapbook Ideas

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Anyone who has been scrapping for any length of time has “run into the wall” of frustration for page ideas and layout creativity. So what do you do when you come to this dilema? And it can happen often.

The best thing to do is back away from your scrapbook project. Too often we get caught up in trying to be overly crative–we want our scrapbook project to be the next “scrapbooking masterpiece”–the envy of all scrappers.

We have to step back at times–take a deep breath, and remember what scrapbooking is all about: telling a visual story with the aid of photographs, journaling, print media and other memorabilia. Don’t lose sight of the objective. Often simple and plain can be the most effectual as you build your scrapbook tome.

While taking that breather, it may be a few hours or a couple of days, you have the opportunity to look around for new inspiration and ideas. Consider some of these resources:

Review magazines (especially scrapbook magazines–but not exclusively).

Call or visit a fellow scrapper. Peruse their books, not to copy, just to get ideas. Seeing other people’s work often opens our own conscious creative mind again.

Don’t forget to go back through some of your own past work. These pieces of creativity can provide other visions of what or how you might do that same page over in a different way.

Take a ride or go to the mall–look for color themes and patterns created by others, or Mother Nature.

Look at several topical photographs where something pops out from the pose, color, background, etc.

“Variety is the spice of life,” and so it is with scrapbook pages. If every page looks the same–done with the same technique, colors, paper, etc.–it can become monotonous. Try using different colors, patterns and embellishments . . . even a different color or size of journal pen can make the difference.

Once you feel you have a workable idea then you can jump back into your cropping chair and put it together. If you idea or insipiration comes to you in a place away from your scapping workspace–your on a trip, at the mall, with another scrapper, write the thoughts and impressions down so you won’t forget them, and then implement them once you get back. You may not be able to get back to your scrapping for awhile, so it’s important for you to take note for when you do jump back to creating your works of art.

Understanding there is not “wrong way” to scrapbook is essential. Review the articles “You are your own best judge” and “Creative Ideas for Scrapbooking.” Always focus on the picture or memorabilia which is the center of your page. Then vision what will help you tell the visual story of your subject.

Repeat this process as needed!

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