Spiral Binding

(Also know as Coil Binding)

wire spiral book binding1 Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

The Spiral binding method is very similar to the Wire-O method except a spiral or coiled wire is worked through the corresponding holes punched on one side of the project.  This binding does not allow being able to put a title on the binding–which could be a deterrent for some to use as a scrapbook binding.  Adding pages is not generally considered practical when using this binding method.  Spiral binding does allow your scrapbooks to lay flat when opened, and will rotate 360 degrees. . . are considered favorable features in selecting binding options or methods.  There is a large selection of colors and sizes for the scrapbook crafter to choose from.

There are some specific guidelines to consider when choosing to bind your scrapbooks using the spiral bind method.  First, there are size limitations.  The spiral coils come 6mm (approximately  1/4″) which will hold around 30 sheets, to 56 mm (approximately 2″) which will accommodate about 440 sheets (paper weight makes a difference–the heavier the paper the fewer the sheets), and in lengths of 12″ to 36″ which can be trimmed or cut to sizes smaller as needed.  Use a pitch (see Step 2 below), the 4:1 pitch is the standard, which is best suited for your scrapbook’s size and application.

Below are the primary steps used to spiral bind:

Unlike Wire-O, GBC or comb binding which are best accomplished with the use of a machine to punch the required holes as well as set the double-wire binders, spiral binding can be accomplished by hand–punching the specific holes in their proper alignment may, however, require a special punching machine too.

Step 1

scrapbook pages in order Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

Assembled Pages

You need to first assemble your scrapbook in the order you wish it to be bound–including the cover and back cover sheets.

Step 2

punched paper for spiral wire bind Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

Punched Paper for Spiral Wire Binding

Punching the holes is next.  Holes are usually round, but may be oval or square depending on the punching machine being used.  Don’t try to punch more sheets than the machine or tool will allow in order to have a neat uniform punch located uniformly on the books edge to be bound.

rubicoi machine Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

Punching Machine

This is an instance where less may be better.  Lay each punched set aside, and be sure to keep them in order–front to back or back to front.

paper hole pitch scale Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

Pitch Scale

The pitch (number of holes per inch) used can limit the size of your book.  The standard pitch is 4:1 (4 holes per inch), but 5:1 (5 holes per inch) is sometimes used.  The more holes the tighter the bind but the smaller the book to be bound.  The 4:1 pitch provides approximately 43 to 44 holes per eleven inches of binding edge.

Step 3

organized paper stack Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

Organize Pages

When the punching is complete re-assemble your scrapbook in the order you wish–include the front cover and back cover as appropriate.  Then “jog” (taping them on a hard or firm surface so that all of the pages are even along one side–the spine side) the book’s pages.  Jogging is separating the individual sheets of paper with a cushion of air.

jogging paper Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

Jog Paper

In this process you are looking to align the punched holes into a uniform singular hole all the way through the stack.

Step 4

wire spiral binding Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral BindingWith your scrapbook’s pages “jogged” and ordered, you can now spin the binding onto your book.  This process can be done with the use of a binding machine or by hand.  wire coil binding pliers Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral BindingOnce the spiral bind has been spun on the entire length of your project–ensuring to leave a 1/4″ of spine on each end, using a pair of pliers with a snip feature, cut the excess spine off and secure the binding.  Securing the binding is done by crimp the ends of the spine to eliminate the coil from spinning back out of the holes.

plastic binding coil Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

Plastic (PVC) Binding Coil

The Coil binding method is basically the same except the spiral spine is made from plastic (PVC) material which is a little thicker in size.  These plastic spines are easy to use and have a greater resiliency to being crushed or misshapen.

The Spiral binding method of scrapbook binding can be done without the use of a binding machine, but is a bit more difficult, and quality results are best obtained when a machine is used for punching and closing the spine to bind your scrapbook pages.  Here are some machines that are reasonable in price for the serious scrapbook crafter who plans to do a fair amount of binding to justify the cost, and prefers this method of binding.  Click on the photograph to get details on the particular machine/system:

Coil/Spiral Binding Machines

Akiles RubiCoil 4:1 Coil/Spiral Binding Machine

rubicoi machine Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

RubiCoil Punching Machine

Punches up to 10 sheets of 20lbs bond paper. Harden Steel Dies allow for a clean and precise punch every time, even when perforating delicate or hard to punch materials. A “U” shaped handle maximizes punching-strength, for an effortless perforation. This machine is strong; the metal chassis and high quality components guarantee durability and reliability. There is a slide margin guide; to help evenly center the document. The inserting table channel aids with the inserting of coil for a faster and more efficient bind.
Tamerica Duracoil Plus Manual Coil Binding Machine

tamerica duracoil plus Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

Tamerica Duracoil Plus Manual Coil Binding Machine

The Duracoil Plus manual coil puncher is designed to be durable with its heavy-duty all metal construction. The coil punch adjusts for different paper sizes and can accommodate papers up to 12 inches in length. This machine can punch up to 20 sheets of paper at a time . . . making your coil binding quick and easy.
Akiles iCoil Round Hole Spiral Binding Machine

akiles iCoil 41 binding machine Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

Akiles iCoil-41 Round Hole Binding Machine

This is a low volume coil punch which can punch up to 15 sheets of 20lbs paper per lift. The Akiles iCoil Series is perfect for a users who’s needs to occasionally bind coil documents. This small punch makes a previously expensive binding style available to a whole new group of users with features like: a foot pedal controlled electric inserter, a coil size selector, side margin control, and vertical punching for easy alignment.
Express Coil Binding System

express coil binding machine Scrapbook Binding Methods   Spiral Binding

Express Coil Binding Machine

Avoid the hassle of manually inserting your spiral coils by hand. The Express Coil binding machine combines the hole punch power you need to create perfect perforations along with a sensible and easy way to insert your coils – all in one machine. For small to medium jobs, the Simple Coil is just that…simple! It’s a great alternative when you compare the time and frustration spent when faced with manually inserting a spiral plastic coil one hole at a time.As a manual coil punch and electric coil inserter in one, the Express Coil offers a complete system at a very affordable price. It has the punching capacity for up to 10 sheets (20lb paper) and spiral binding capacity for up to 250 sheets. With a 4:1 pitch, you’ll have 4 perfect holes per inch. Then, simply use the electric coil inserter to spin the coil through your holes. Spiral coil bound materials offer the convenience of a spiral bound notebook with pages that lay flat, making them easy to handle and even easier to read.  

These options may not be what you are looking for. Click here to visit our web-page on other scrapbook binding options, or go to our alphabetical subject page above and click on the “S” to see information on other binding pages.

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