Steps in Creating Your Scrapbook Album

scrapbook cartoon 2 Creating Scrapbook Pages and Albums

You have decided you are going to create a scrapbook . . . now what? This is a common dilemma for each of us.

There are some simple steps to help you as you organize your thoughts and expectations of what you want to have as a finished product.

First you need to ask yourself some basic questions about what you are trying to accomplish:

  • What type of album do I want to create?
  • Is this going to be a “themed” album?
  • Will this be an album for a specific event?
  • Will this album need to be in a random order, or would it best be in a chronological order?

The answers to these questions will help you in putting the album or scrapbook together in the most meaningful way. Once you are satisfied with how you want this album to look then you can follow these additional steps:

  1. First, take the time to sort your photographs that will fit into the theme you have selected.
  2. From the photos you have selected to use in your album, select those individual pictures that will become the “main focus” for your individual pages. (See article on “Focal Point“)
  3. Then select supporting photographs for each page.
  4. Crop any of your photos to meet your needs. When cropping you want to remove any extraneous views on the photograph that do not help emphasize your snapshot–specifically to enhance your focal point or theme.
  5. Consider the mat you will use for your photos . . . which is a great way to bring out or highlight your focal point photograph.
  6. Now selected the acid-free paper or card stock you feel would work best with your theme. You should use 2 -3 colors for accent and diversity.
  7. Select the accents or embellishments you feel will add to your theme. (See article on “Accents“)
  8. Consider what “journal entries” you want to add to your page(s). You may want to write them down on a scrap piece of paper before determining how you want to and them to your page. (See article on “Journaling“)
  9. You are now ready to begin arranging and assembling your page(s). Once you have them “dry” arranged or placed on your page you can then adhere them.

You may want to consult additional articles to help you with the design and structure of your album and/or pages:

Page Balance

Use of Color

Using Fonts (Journaling)

Designing Your Page (Page Plan)

The Photo

The Use of Shapes in Page Design

Be Your Own Judge

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