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Have you ever come to the point in your scrapbook page plan where you realize there just isn’t quite enough space for you to do the journaling and commentary you had planned.

Not to worry. Using a matchbook fold-out or pull-out will give you a huge extension–especially for the lettering you want to include with your page.

Here’s how to make a matchbook fold/pull out:

Reading the entire text may be helpful and allow you to mentally visualize the entire process.

Start with a sheet of paper equal to the size paper of your page. You can use the same paper, or another color or print if you wish. Depending on the size you want your matchbook to be, you could use a scrap sheet of paper too.

Next, determine the width of the space you have to attach your matchbook in (you don’t want it to cover any photographs or other important embellishments on your page). Cut your paper the full length of the width you have chosen. You now have a long (length of your page) strip the width that you desire.

Now you need to determine the length or height of your matchbook. First, you need to fold the bottom of the sheet up approximately 5/8″ and place a staple near the bottom of the fold–centered on the narrow sheet. (You may wish to hold off on the staple until you are ready to attach your matchbook to your page–as the staple may be the attaching medium.) Use a colored staple if you have them. A grommet or eyelet will work too. This step should give you the space you need to tuck in your matchbook flap.

Fold over the top of your sheet, placing the top of your sheet into the flap you have just created. Don’t crease your folded sheet just yet. If the folded sheet is still too long for the space you have allotted, snip off pieces from the top of your sheet and insert the new top into your flap to see if it now fits your space. You may have to play with this process a couple of times to get your matchbook to the right size for your space.

Once you have the right size, you can then crease your fold. If you are using a heavy paper or card stock you might want to score it lightly where you are going to place the fold.

Now you can add your commentary you planned . . . a quote, poem or your own words (most desired). You can use most any medium to do your journaling. Your own handwriting is always favored. Be sure to make your lettering bypass the fold.

Attaching your matchbook to your page comes last. You can glue it, staple it, use grommets or eyelets (with a little string or ribbon to enhance it some). Small holes punched in the the matchbook page and the scrapbook page with string or ribbons could also be used–they just need to be lined up in the space you have.

You still need a little more space to add your thought and journaling. You can add additional space by cutting your matchbook strip twice the width of the space you will be using on your scrapbook page.

Fold this double wide strip in half-length wise. You can crease it. Before you add your “tuck-flap” cut a notch at least as wide as the “tuck-flap” only on one half of either side of your folded paper. When your paper is folded out you should have a notch at the bottom of one side. You can then fold up your “tuck-flap” (the notch piece not cut off as described above).

Everything else is the same as for a single wide sheet matchbook, but you have now doubled the area you can use to journal your thoughts and comments.

If you prefer not to make your own matchbooks you can purchase them ready made. They don’t always come in the color or theme you are working on, but they are easy to use.

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