Okay, you have boxes loaded with pictures you’ve taken over the years, or your hard drive is stuffed with digital pictures, and they’re ever increasing.  You want to put them in albums or scrapbooks, but . . .

When Should You Consider Using  A Custom or Professional Scrapbook Service?

New to Scrapbooking? Have Limited Time to Scrapbook? Don’t Know Where to Begin?

These are often asked questions for individuals who lack the time, motivation or desire to get thoroughly engaged in this big time paper craft program.  The growth of scrapbooking over the years has been astounding.  This $2 billion dollar plus a year industry includes professional scrapbookers as a part of this growing crafter’s commerce.

So, what are the pluses and minuses of engaging the use of a “custom” or “professional” scrapbooker or service?


These individuals and/or services:

  1. Are experienced and know what they are doing.
  2. Have the time and resources to get the project done.
  3. Can help provide insight and suggestions on layouts, materials and journaling.


These individuals and/or services:

  1. Cost.  The cost for these services may be more than you want to pay.
  2. You need to find an individual or service which has a creative style of your liking.
  3. The process time may be longer than you prefer.

If you choose to use a Custom or Professional Scrapbook Service these tips may be of help:

  • One must keep in mind the pluses and minuses noted (in a generalized way) above.
  • Shopping around is a must . . .  unless you have been given a referral by someone you have great trust in who has used a service, and you’re pleased with the work they received.
  • Find out what background and experience is being offered to you.
  • Review their online gallery showcase to visualize the type of work they produce.
  • State specifically (and in writing–email, etc.) exactly what you are looking for–which could include themes, number of photos per page, colors, album style, whether to use the digital form or the old-fashioned hand produced cut and paste book, kinds of embellishments to be used, types of paper, to name a few.
  • Establish the cost per page (typically from $7.50 upwards to $50.00 or more) or per book (rarely used by scrapbookers).  Obviously, prices vary based on the amount of pictures used, amount of embellishment, journal entries, and whether you are  using the “old-fashioned glue-and-paste or digital books.  Be sure to establish what additional cost may potentially occur, and receiving notification when the costs exceed your originally agreed to amount.  You must give your approval for issues exceeding your original agreement–whether change in colors, embellishment, journaling, and certainly cost, etc.

These services can be a god-send when you can’t engage in the craft yourself, or at least to the extent you wish.  You will be involved in the process because you will be the selector of the photographs you want to use, the theme, color choices, etc.  The “dirty-work” will be the service’s to take care of.

“Time is money,” as they say, and you may find using one of these services is money well spent.  Check out several of these services online, and follow the tips suggested here before you get too committed to going forward.  Still, this opportunity may well be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

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