deckle edge paper largeview 300x281 Making Deckle Edges on Scrapbook Pages

Deckle-edged Paper Image from Green Field Paper

Many artisans (scrapbookers included) like the look of the deckle edge . . . that soft feathered look on the edges of paper and card stock, where the appearance has a torn or unfinished look, and presents a special appearance all by itself.

The deckle edge is the ragged feathered edge on sheets of newly formed paper–made in the paper making process. There is no clean cut line, but instead, the soft ragged edge is left on the paper. In a more formal finished product this deckle edge would be cropped off.

In early times, back to the 17th century, the deckle was trimmed off of book paper. The deckle was considered unsightly, and allowed for the collection of dust and debris. Book printers considered it a defect not worthy of keeping.

In modern books, however, these deckle edge pages are much more appreciated–even sought after for the “home made paper” look they present. In fact, this is one of the reasons crafters make their own paper. Today’s crafter either make their own (See Hand Made Paper), or turn to the faux process by tearing paper and card stock to get that rough unfinished deckle edged look. This simulated deckle edge is a good substitute that can be used when and where needed at your choosing. The deckle edge can be made using a special knife, deckle straight edge to tear against, a rotary roller with a deckle blade, special deckle blade scissors or a Cutterpede Trimmer.  You can also use a saw and sand blasting as two other ways to get this unique look. The mechanical methods are my second choice–for convenience and universal use. My first choice is still making paper with a deckle edge of your own. (See Make Paper Article)

Deckle paper or cardstock is used frequently in the making of cards. There is a special feel and look to cards that have a deckle edge. Deckle edged paper also lends itself to journaling or poetry to be added to scrapbook pages

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