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Scrappers are for ever looking for new ideas to use. There are a myriad of ways to present a scrapbook page or album. Your imagination is your guide. If you follow the basic rules of scrapbook page design then you should be all right in the overall bigger picture (pardon the pun). In this section of the site you will be presented with a number of ideas you can use that hopefully are informative or different than what you may be used to. Some ideas are hobby activities you could do exclusively–they don’t necessarily have anything to do with scrapbooking itself, but lend themselves to being used by creative and daring scrapbookers . . . we assume you are one of them.


Each of us as scrapper’s has a need for new ideas–ways to help make our pages more interesting and pleasing to the eye of the viewer.

All of us has a good idea or two that you may want to share. It may be a design item, a quote, a simpler way to do something, or maybe you have seen, heard or used a new product that you are excited about and want to share with others just like you.

There are some of you who like a challenge . . . wanting to do something a little different. If you are one of these crafty or artisan and need the “rush” from doing a new process or procedure, we hope to accommodate you with some ideas here.

Magazine after magazine and book after book fill shelves. Each has a menagerie of new ideas. Many of the ideas are layered on things that seem common–needed and useful, but lack some sense of spontaneity. We suggest you give some of the ideas we have identified here a whirl. We will do our best to add to these ideas.

Remember, have fun scrapping and don’t be afraid to experiment a little. These are ideas to help you. There are, and you may be well to research other sources of information to help you along.

After you have tried one or more of these great ideas – Email us and let us know what your experience and impressions were.

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