pazzles inspiration electronic cutter mini Pazzles Creative Cutter Mini

Pazzles brings die-cutting with an electronic cutter to its bare minimum with their mini-cutter.  Their “Take Me Home” cutter allows you to use your PC at home to create or download the intricate titles, images or what ever you choose to cut to your mini-cutter.  With Pazzles custom cut software, you can use the fonts from your computer and  automatically join letters to create your own messages and titles for your paper craft, scrapbooking or personal card making projects.

Pazzles has CDs, and there are thousands of images online, you can use.  Take your own personal images from photos, drawings and more to create special touches for your projects.

Pazzles Creative Cutter-Mini is a non-production system intended primarily for home use.  The serious scrapbooker, personal card marker and paper crafter will have a computerized die-cutting system to provide custom cut images for your many craft projects.

This “Take Me Home” version of the Creative Cutter includes:

  • Being able to cut medium weight card stock
  • Cut items up to 8″ in width
  • Cut text and card stock weight papers
  • Able to download cutting files from Pazzles web site
  • You can customize your craft projects with the font you choose
  • You can design and produce your own images

What’s included with your Mini Cutter:

  • 1 Pazzles Creative Cutter Mini
  • 8 1/2″ x 13″ Self Adhesive Cutting Mat
  • Blade
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Start Tutorial CD
  • Quick Start Tutorial Printed
  • Sample Image CD with 100 free images
  • Lil’ Chizler (used in picking up paper cuts from the cutting mat)
  • 7 piece tool kit

System Requirements:

  • 486 DX/266 or higher PC
  • CD-Rom drive
  • Windows XP or Vista

If your prefer an upgraded die-cutter check out the Inspiration Creative Cutter, or if you want to produce items for kits or resale you may want to consider the Creative Cutter Pro.  Any of these machines is sure to enhance your paper crafting opportunities.

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