pazzles creative cutter pro Pazzles Creative Cutter Pro

For the serious scrapbook, personal card and paper crafters the electronic cutters have become a mainstay.  Pazzles production grade electronic cutter is capable of giving those paper crafters who seek speed and ability to cut numerous quantities of items.  With this production grade machine you can handle all of your paper cutting needs.  You can customize the cuts you need using a wide range of materials.  The Creative Cutter Pro provides you with the ability to use an assortment of attachments to help in your cutting projects . . . your possibilities are limitless!

Because the Cutter Pro comes with all you need to begin creating and producing your very own custom cut paper creations, and with the help of Pazzles quick-start tutorials, you’ll be up and going in less than an hour! You can quickly produce large quantities of precise cut-outs for kits or resale.

This production grade cutter will cut up to 15″ card stock, chipboard, and more. You can use Pazzles down-loadable  inspiration to create home decor, wearables, stamps, and any paper craft project!  Designed specifically for paper crafters this is the ultimate production grade paper cutting system for the serious paper crafter and scrapbooker–just for yourself, or for producing custom cuts for re-sale.

Here are some of the details and what’s included with this fantastic electronic cutting system:


  • Cuts heavy card stock, and textures and Bazzil
  • 15″ cutting width and 24″ long
  • Cuts fabric, embossing foil, chipboard, vinyl, iron-on, thin acrylic, stencil plastic, magnet paper and more
  • Design and create your own images using home photos and a scanner
  • Draw, Emboss, Distress, and more
  • Customize your pages with any font
  • Advanced software allows you to automatically: outline, weld, convert clip-art to cuttable images and more!

  • Two cutting mats
  • One cutting blade
  • Pazzles Cutting and Design Software
  • Video tutorials
  • 700 ready to cut images
  • Full color manual
  • 2 Vinyl/vellum blades
  • 7 piece tool set
  • CD Set 1 & 6 (over 1000 images)
  • Pen tool with 2 gel pens
  • 10 journaling fonts
  • Fabric mat
  • Needle Piercing/Embossing Mat
  • Tray set

System Requirements:

486 DX/2 66 or higher PC
CD-ROM drive
Windows XP, or higher
2 available USB ports

Most electronic cutters appear to be one of the more expensive tools in the scrapbook or paper crafter’s arsenal, and the Pro Cutter certainly falls in that category. However, consider the flexibility and versatility Creative Cutter Pro provides. For the serious crafter the expense becomes less meaningful when you consider what you can do.

If you are looking for an electronic die-cutter in a more reasonable price range than Pazzles Creative Cutter Pro consider Pazzles’ Inspiration Creative Cutter, or you could consider their even more modest die-cut machine the Creative Cutter Mini.

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