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debossed thank you card 300x237 Dry Debossing

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Debossing is the reverse side of embossing. The image is depressed into the paper or card stock . . . where the image is lifted up from the paper’s surface in embossing.

Tools and Supplies you’ll need:

  • Light table (a bright window is a good substitute)
  • Templates (Brass is the preferred type, but plastic will work –just not as durable)
  • Stylus Tool
  • Card Stock (regular paper is too light to hold an impression and tears easily in the debossing process.)
  • Note: Handmade paper works extremely well. Also our article on “Embossing handmade paper” may be helpful.
  • A lubricant on your card stock to allow the stylus to move easily. Rubbing your card stock with wax paper works well.

The Process

Follow these easy steps to complete your debossing project:

1. Lubricate your card stock as noted above. You only need to do this in the area you are debossing.

2. Lay your template on you light table (turned on) or tape it to a bright window.

3. Place your card stock face up over your template where you want your image depressed.

4. Using your stylus trace the outline of the areas of your template you want depressed.

5. Fill in the remainder of your template image with your stylus to the extent you want the area or image debossed.

6. Add additional debossed images as desired using the process steps above.

Your debossed image(s) will add creativity, elegance, diversity and variety to your cards and scrapbook pages.

We’d like to see some of your handy work. Send us a email with your examples you’d like to share.

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