autumlayout What Scrapbooking Is All About!Cherished memories fade from our minds over time. A scrapbook is a great way to preserve special times and thoughts with photographs and written notes and captions.

The “old family album” of the past has been updated today with scrapbooks filled with focus, color, embellishments and accents to help bring life to our prized photographs that have captured memories of our past . . . the fun times, the times of achievement, the disasters and some of the trials we have endured.

The world of scrapbooking continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Over three and a half billion dollars a year is spent on scrapbooking. Studies have concluded that seventy-five percent of households have at least one crafter. How many of them are scrapbook aficionados is not known–but we can assume many of them are.

There is an applied assumption that because you have come to this site you are to be counted as one of those in a household who is a crafter, and specifically a “scrapbooker.” THANK YOU!

We want to welcome you! We hope you find something that is of benefit and worth to you as you work on your scrapbook. Some of the ideas and information presented here will be similar to others you have seen. Our intent is to be both familiar and to provide ideas to help you expand your horizons some. There are scads of mediums you can use . . . but you may have to be willing to try and experiment a little.

We’re not trying to make you an expert . . . just help you have more fun and get more out of your photo or card. If you gain some further insight and knowledge in the process then we have done our job.

The process should be fun as well as rewarding. What others think or say should not be the deciding factor of what you do . . . or how you do it!

Hopefully we can help you as you put your photographs and thoughts together to tell the stories of your life and the life of those you love.

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