debossing 150x150 Debossing
Image from A Shade of Blue Paper Crafting Forum

“Flip those dry embossed images over, and make something debossed.”

Most of us have taken embossing (the raising of an image on a page) as very elemental. There are many articles on embossing, including several on this site:

So, what is “debossing?” No, it’s not unbossing! As the quote above indicates debossing is the reverse of embossing–simple enough. For our scrapbook efforts we would “push-in” (indent or depress) the images from the front of a page rather than “push-out” (lift up) an image from the back side of a page.

Another way to express what each method does:

Emboss (the most frequently used process) raises or lifts an image up from the paper’s level surface or face.

Deboss lowers or impresses (engraves) an image below the paper’s level surface or face.

debossed dogtags 150x150 DebossingMiltary “dog tags” are a good example of debossing.

We see the most use for debossing from a professional perspective . . . like invitations or business cards to name two.debossed business card 150x150 Debossing

debossed invitation 150x150 Debossing

These images are from Alden Grace fine Stationery

These two examples are created using heat, pressure and two dies (one recessed, the other a relief or accepting die). The deboss material is pressed between these two dies.

emboss deboss dies Debossing

This image is from Universal Metal Marking

This debossing provides a great affect on your page. It gives you greater flexibility and creativity. You add variety to accent your scrapbook pages by debossing. There is the ability to add a sense of elegance to your pages.

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