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Scrapbook supplies can run up the charge card balance in a hurry. We never seem to have enough of all the things we want, need or use. To help soften the blow, we suggest you check the sale racks at your local scrapbook supply stores, or while on line check out the clearance section to see if there are not items you can purchase for fantastic discounts. Here are links to the prime suppliers we use, but there certainly are others. Check them out right now to see if they have something you need, want or use a lot of: Buy Scrapbook Supplies On Sale

Don’t be bashful, there’s nothing wrong with shaving a few pennies (or even dollars) of your scrapbook supply budget.  You may want to share this with scrapper friends–maybe even splitting an order.

Scrapbook crafting should be about doing your craft magic–not about worrying over cost.

Good luck!  We hope you find a ton of scrapbook supplies you need at reduced prices.

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