When creating your scrapbook pages consider adding some non-traditional embellishments like jewels and beads.

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Creative scrapbook crafters are always looking for unique or different ways to spruce up their pages.  This may mean reaching outside the box as they say.  There are what are considered non-traditional materials one can use to add that little something to their pages.  Beads and jewels are one of these non-traditional elements you can use to bring a new or different look to your projects.

One of the drawbacks to using beads and jewels has to do with the bulk or thickness some beads and jewels have.  If you are looking to reduce this concern, select thinner items to complete your pages.  There is a plethora of beads and jewels to choose from.  Many craft stores have a large selection of material for you to select from.  Don’t forget the online options too.

Beads and jewels are produced in different materials: acrylic & plastic, glass, pearls, metal, shells, seeds and wood to name a few.  They are produced in different shapes and sizes: alphabet, charms, designer styles, gemstones, holiday & seasonal.  Beads and jewels come in varying colors as well.

Attaching them to your scrapbook pages is relatively easy.  Some of the beads and jewels have a sticky backing on one side which only requires peeling the backing off and placing the item where you’d like to be on your project.  Where there is no adhesive on the bead or jewel use glue dots or a double sided acid free tape to attach them to your page.

Because of the variety of shapes, sizes and colors of these non-traditional embellishments, you have the ability to use them where you want them–as an addition to another embellishment, or as individual independent touches.  As examples, you could use a gemstone as the center of a flower, or create a flower using various falter beads, etc.  Let your own creative juices guide you.

Here are a couple of online suppliers of beads and jewels:






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