Some tips on setting eyelets and grommets by hand and with specialized tools.

holepunch Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for ScrapbookingsingleHolePunch Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for Scrapbooking3singleholepunches Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for Scrapbooking

The tools above are all designed for punching holes in your scrapbook paper, vellum, card stock, etc.  This is the first step in working with eyelets.  You need to have a pilot hole for the eyelets to be put through.  In the above examples the first punch–the one on the left–is considered an “anywhere” punch–and is the more versatile of the punches shown.  This anywhere punch can be used anywhere on your page.  The other two are limited to making punch holes only to the are where the punch will allow without being interfered by the punch itself . . . so, if you have holes around the edges you are good to go with these regular single hole punches.

When using the anywhere punch you will also need to use a cutting surface under your punched material.  This cutting surface needs to be strong enough to hold up to your cutting, and not so soft as to not allow a good clean cut.  Scrapbook cutting mats are excellent cutting surfaces used over a firm service so there isn’t too much give when you hit the punch with your hammer or mallet.  Another benefit of these anywhere punches is that they come in a variety of sizes.  When working with eyelets and grommets “one size doesn’t fit all.”

Be sure to align your materials where you want them.  In many cases you will be using layers of material which you ultimately want fastened together by using an eyelet or grommet.  These layers should be firmly held in place as you may your cuts or their movement will cause a misalignment and a poor looking finished product.  You may have to use a reposition adhesive to keep the layers of paper in place.

making memories eyelets 150x150 Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for ScrapbookingWith the hole made in your paper, card stock, vellum, etc.  place the eyelet through the hole with the button top facing up on your project and the open “fluted or flared” end down showing through on the unfinished side (back side) of your project.  The colored or finished side of the eyelet should be viewed on the side of your project you want viewers to see.

Generally, you’ll want to work with one eyelet set at a time.  Holding the eyelet in place carefully turn your project over face down (finished side down) on your cutting mat.  The back side of your project should be facing up with the fluted or flared stem of your project pointed upward.  making memories eyelet toolkit Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for ScrapbookingUsing an eyelet setter tool, place the pointed end of the tool Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for Scrapbooking Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for Scrapbookingfiskar eyelet setter 150x150 Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for Scrapbooking inside the center of the eyelet stem.  The setter tool should be held as vertical as possible when tapping the top of the tool with your hammer or mallet to splay open the eyelet stem securing the eyelet to your project–along with any elements you may have been looking to fasten together using the set eyelet.  Tap any jagged edges on the eyelet stem down gently, but firmly, with your hammer or mallet.  Hitting the eyelet to forcefully could damage the eyelet’s decorative finish on the front of your project.

Follow the same basic procedures for securing grommets to your pages.  The difference is in the size of the hole made and depth of a grommet’s stem (holes can be  bigger and the stems shorter).

crop a dial big bite 150x150 Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for ScrapbookingThere are eyelet, snap and grommet punch and setting tools available like We R Memory Keeper’s Crop-A-Dial II Big Bite.  These are best suited for work located more around the perimeter of your project.  There are anywhere setters that will allow you to complete your task anywhere on your page.  There are three tools or tool kits shown below. You can find additional eyelet, snap and grommet punching and setting tools that will work for you.

These are just a sampling.  We’ve provided links to online sites where you can purchase any of the items in this article.

Just Click on the photographs to take you to the link.

We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile Eyelet and Snap Punch
(punches holes and sets
eyelets and snaps).

crop a dial eyelet snap tool 150x150 Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for Scrapbooking

There is a simple eyelet and snap pliers setter.  Nothing fancy–just functional.

eyelet snap plier 150x150 Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for Scrapbooking

Making Memories has an Instant Setter Kit with Punches, Setters and Mat.

eyelet setter mat box set1 Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for Scrapbooking

If you desire larger holes or bigger decorative elements we recommend using grommets rather than eyelets.

Making Memories Grommet Setting Kit

grommet setting kit Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for Scrapbooking

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