Embellishing your scrapbook pages with grommets and eyelets can add a touch of flair and elegance.

Scrapbook crafters are always looking for additions or embellishments they can add to their pages to create a special look of panache.  Eyelets and grommets can be that added touch you’re looking for.

Eyelets and grommets have been around for a long time.  Eyelets have mainly been used in sewing to provide added strength to stress areas to apparel and shoes.  Grommets are used primarily to provide reinforced holes for threading things through and are generally larger in size than eyelets.  Scrapbooking has given them both a new twist and provided them with an additional beneficial life.  Eyelets and grommets are most often thought of as elements for attaching various facets together, i.e. vellum to card stock or scrapbook page paper.  Yes, this is an often used option, and continue to use them for that purpose, but consider their decorative value also.  Think about using them in place of other touches you might otherwise use, i.e. eyelets in place of bullets when journaling, the center bud of flowers, etc.  Let your own creative mind open to new an fun ways to use them.  Be artistically creative!

These special embellishments come in a wide variety of colors.  This is great!  The broader the spectrum the better to be able to find a color and size just right for your special projects.  Applications of these fun adornments are much easier with the tools available for you to use to apply them.  See our article on “Eyelet and Grommet Setting Tools for Scrapbooking.”

These decorative  embellishments are available from a number of popular brand makers and suppliers: Karen Foster Design, Provo Craft,  Making Memories to name a few.  They can be purchased through many online outlets such as Scrapbook.com, JoAnnA Cherry on Top, CreateForLess to name a few.  These providers often have great sales–take advantage of them.

One note of caution: when purchasing eyelets and grommets be sure they are non-rusting and paints or coloring used on them are safe for scrapbooking–acid free in particular.  You don’t want them to be a damaging effect to your handy work, but a wonderful addition.

Grommets and eyelets offer you a fantastic opportunity to add a special touch of panache to your scrapbook and card  projects.

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