Too much embellishment can be a disaster for your scrapbook page.

The growth of scrapbooking over the years has spawned a miriad of companies offering us a plethora of products to help us spruce up our scrapbook pages.  There are so many things to choose from it almost gets impossible to select just the right ones for our project–which means we usually purchase too many, and thus we tend to use way more than we should.  You know, if I have them, I should use them.

We want the new products and inovations.  What we as crafters have to do is decide which items are best suited for my project.  One new look or product may not be any better than another.  Each scrapbook endeavor we design probably has several looks and feels we could employ. 

“Variety is the spice of life!”  Too much variety, however, can spoil what we are attempting to accomplish.  Using good judgement, tempered with some common sense will help us complete our pages with the appropriate amount of embellishment to accent and drawout our photographs.  REMEMBER, THE PHOTOGRAPHS ARE THE FOCUS OF THE PAGE.  What we add to any scrapbook page should be focused on augmenting the pictures.

Things to consider in selecting our embellishments would be color, shape, texture and size.  These helpful additions should not overpower our theme, and definitely not the photographs.

A good practice to follow when considering what embellishments to use and to what extent is to follow the “rule of three.”  This is the rule used by artists where odd numbers are used.  Three is more than adequate in most cases.  Much beyond three and gaudiness tends to set in.  When designing your pages consider no more than three technique types, colors, sizes, etc. of embellishments.  Most often, a little goes a long ways.

When designing your scrapbook pages be sure to make your photographs the focal point and core of your effort.  Let the embellishments enhance your pictures.  When the embellishments become the focus of your page, you’ve missed the boat.

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