An Overview of Basic Scrapbook Materials and Tools


Scrapbook albums come in a wide variety of sizes and formats.  The 12″ x 12″ is the most common size used, but albums can also be found in 6″x6″, 8″x8″, 9″x9″ and 8 1/2″ x 11″ you choose which is best for you.  Albums are available in a wide array of colours, patterns and prints.  The industry standard is the top-loading postbound album. 


Cardstock and paper come in a plethora of colors and patterns.  Your primary goal is to be sure the paper or cardstock you use is acid free (see Acid’s Affect on Scrapbooks).  The choice of which paper or cardstock to use is yours to make, but consider the theme you are using and color you want to accent (see our articles: Color Can Enhance Scrapbook Pages and Choosing a Scrapbook Color Scheme for more detailed information).  For scrapbook paper sources see Scrapbook Paper.

Papers: Printed, Patterned, Specialty Papers and Vellum

Because paper is the primary element or ingredient–next to photorgraphs–the selection of a paper is very important to focus on your theme.  Lignin and acid free papers should always be used.  When using handmade (see our article on Making Hand Made Paper)and specialty papers ensure they are lignin free as well as acid free.  Papers come in varied sizes just like album covers.


If you can’t attach your photos and embellishments to your scrapbook pages then you don’t have a scrapbook.  There is broad array of different types of adhesives and glues to choose from in the market place.   Some adhesives have special functions while others have been designed for ease and convience of use.  What works best for you depends on the project you are working on.  For more in depth information on a wide variety of adhesives you can purchase and use see our articles:  Information About Adhesives and Glues and Scrapbook Glue and Adhesive Product Information.


A scrapbook page really isn’t complete without a few touches to add interest and help direct focus on your books’s theme.  Embellishments are the things you add to give your page character and a sense of your personality.  They can be manufactured: metals, rubber stamping, eyelets and brads, machine stitching; fibers and ribbons, stickers, chalk and paints; or they can be elements of memorablilia: locks of hair, ticket stubs, pieces of cloth from a favorite piece of clothing, pressed flowers, etc.  For more information and ideas about embellishments see our articles:  A Scrapbook Sticker Technique to Use or  Using Scrapbook StickersBasic of Rubbert Stamping; Chalk It Up or Chalking Technique and Tips; Design Accents and Embellishments; Embellish with Liquid Applique; Machine Stitching Scrapbook Pages.  Each of these articles is filled with helpful information and products you can purchase.

 Pens and Journaling

If you haven’t or aren’t making notations, comments and journaling in your scrapbook pages, you are missing one of the prime objectives of scrapping–telling a story with pictures and words.  Embellishments and other elements are nice touches and add interest to your pages, but the core of the page should be photos and journal or comments written to give clarity and specific notation of identification.  See our articles on Journaling In Your Scrapbook Pages;  Fonts Help When Journaling Scrapbook Pages;  What You Should Do About Lettering In Your Scrapbook Pages and Fonts Help When Journaling Scrapbook Pages for more information on this important task in creating your scrapbook pages.


This is a broad heading which covers a miriad of factors.  Tools are implements or instruments used to shape, form or finish an item.  Tools can be those used by hand or they could be machine tools where mechanical assistance is added.  Here are some articles that address some, but by no means, an complete list or treatise on all of the tools available for use in your scrapbook pursuits:

Basic Scrapbook Cropping Tools
Basic Tools for Beginning Scrapbookers
An Embossing Scoring Tool for Making Hinges or Folds  (Scor-it)
Basic Scrapbook Cutting Tools
Bone Folder
Centering Ruler
Folding Scrapbook/Craft Table
Portable Scrapbook or Craft Table
EZView™ – Scrapbook Workspace Desk
EZView™ – Scrapbook Workspace Desk Top
Scrap-N-Stow Portable Scrapbooking/Craft Table
Scrapbook and Craft Work Tables
Finding Used Scrapbooking Tools and Supplies
Fiskars Personal Paper Trimmers
Giant Scrapbook Cutting Board
Gypsy Portable Personal Handheld Design Studio
Martha Stewart Scrapbook and Crafting Supplies
Newest Scrapbook Products
Pazzles Inspiration Electronic Cutter
QuicKutz Letterpress Combo
Scrapbook Cropping Tools
Scrapbook Die Machine – Cut and Embossing
Scrapbook Embossing Using Impression Tools
Scrapbook Self-Healing Cutting Board
Scrapbooking Punches
Slice Cordless Cutter Machine
Tag Curler Tool
Scor-Pal Measuring & Scoring Board

Workspace Organizers and Totes

As you get involved in creating scrapbook pages and books you will find that having order and organization will be a helpful practice.  There are a ton of “small” things you use as you develop your pages.  Keeping them in an appropriate place for ease of access, and having them not mix with other elements is important.  Beacuse this fun paper crafting hobby can be portable, having the right totes and carriers will like wise be a boon to your being able to get your projects done with the least amount of hassel by taking what you need when you need it.  Here are some articles to help you in this important part of your craft efforts:

The ScrapRack
The Craft Box™ – Scrapbooking Workspace
The Original Scrapbox (Storage & Workspace)
Scrapbook Storage and Organization
Scrapbook Storage Drawers
Scrapbook Work Place Organization
Scrapbook Ribbon Box Dispenser
Scrapbook Furniture-Armoire

Scrapbooking is a wonderful craft.  Taking the time along with the useful products and tools available to you today, and you can create masterpieces for your books and pages.  Remember this is not a complete treatise on all of the materials and products available to you, but this information should give you a good start.



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