Scrapbook creations need the help of a good ruler.  A centering ruler is a plus.

centering ruler Centering Ruler

A centering ruler is a very useful tool for scrapbooking use.  The prime benefit of a centering ruler is to quickly and easily figure out centering objects that are in relationship to one another.  Calculation and measuring with out the benefit of a centering ruler can provide uneven results.

Layouts are much easier to handle with the help of a centering ruler.  Little or no guess work is involved.  There are enough other issues to have to deal with than guessing the center points of related objects.  This tool is especially  perfect for centering words on your scrapbook or craft projects.

EK Tools – Centering Ruler Pro

EK Success has a great tool–their Centering Ruler Pro–that was designed primarily for help in your centering tasks.  This 2″ x 15″ ruler offers these benefits:

  • Flexible – allows for perfect center alignment on flat and 3-dimensional objects
  • 7″ measurement from right or left of center
  • Easy to read “black and white” numbers which can be read on both dark and light surfaces
  • Has both inches and metric measuring gauges
  • Has a sticker release surface so you can use the ruler to line up stickers–lettering in particular–for perfect centering
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