scrapbook scraps Scrapbooking on a Budget

More and more people are taking to the scrapbook craze of the past decade.  The usefulness of scrapbooking is well documented–saving photos, being crafty and artistic in you efforts.  One of the problems some scrapbook crafters have encountered is the explosion of tools, paper, embellishments, etc. that have come about . . . oh, all for the betterment of the craft.  Unfortunately, not all scrappers can or even want to have every new thing-a-ma-bob that comes along.

So, for those scrapbook crafters who have limited resources, or anyone who just chooses not to be the owner of every little product produced for the industry, you can feel comfortable in continuing your craft–just be more judicious in what you buy, how much you pay for it and how you use it.

Budget scrapbooking isn’t to be looked down own.  In fact, making the most of the resources you have is a true talent any of us would be proud to have.  To get the maximum from your tools and supplies is a gift we could all use.  What are some of the ways to continue your craft and take advantage of the many opportunities to get the most out of what you have?  Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Shop wisely.  Know what you need and purchase only what you need at the moment.  Stocking up may seem worthy, but it may be sometime before you need or can use it again.  Those extra funds could have gone to some other useful purpose.

2. When you do buy, don’t over look purchasing things on sale.  surplus embellishments Scrapbooking on a BudgetMost craft and scrapbook supply stores are constantly reducing their inventory of certain things.  Because they have an over abundance of something doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t use it.  If it’s what you need or want then get it.  “Last one,” items are equally beneficial, and can save you money.

3.  Don’t overlook purchasing “used” items.  scraps of paper Scrapbooking on a BudgetFinding these items could be a real prize.  As they say, “one man’s junk is another’s treasure.”  See our article on “Finding Used Scrapbooking Tools and Supplies.”

4.  Swap surplus items with your scrapbook friends.

5.  Use items you already have available that may seem unconventional.scraps of fabric Scrapbooking on a Budget There are no hard and fast rules to what you use in creating you scrapbook pages and albums.

6.  Check with your local craft and scrapbook supply stores to see if they have a rental program for some of the more expensive tools and machines.  You may find it cheaper, and be able to do several tasks for a number of your projects.

The real key to scrapbooking on a budget is to be wise and inventive.  Put away a bit of your pride and go for low cost items–be they on sale, used or given to you.

The true worth of scrapbooking is in the end results . . . not in what it cost you to create it.

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