baby bear album1 What is a Scrapbook?So what defines a scrapbook. Each of us has asked ourselves this very question–especially as we embark on being a “scrapper.”

In reflection we often think of scrapbooks of yester-year. Photo albums being first in mind. Those static books filled with a myriad of photographs . . . maybe with a notation or two of where the picture was taken, and who is in the picture, but all too often no notes just pictures. They are photos of people and places, to often, we don’t claim because they were “before my time.” Old photo albums were an attempt from others to capture memories in time.

Then there are those books where clippings, photographs and other memorabilia (that would lay relatively flat) may have been placed. The “modern day” scrapbook is a combination of the previous two–only on steroids. There is a greater effort today to capture time, people and places with a bit of flare and imagination. Some people might consider them as pieces of art in and of themselves.

Today’s scrapbooks tend to be well organized and somewhat personal . . . pages and books that tell a story. These newer scrapbooks help you feel a part of what truly went on in those pictures. They allow us to chronicle people, places and events of most interest and concern to us . . . those we hope others will look at and feel the same way about them as you did when you created them.

Scrapbooks are less about “me,” and more about heartfelt moments we hope to share with others…our today for their tomorrow.

Each scrapper becomes a member, by choice or by default, of a unique and growing fraternity of fellow scrappers. As you begin your scrapping effort, you’ll come to know the people, places and language of the dedicated scrapper.

Welcome to the Fraternity!

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