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The first question that may come to mind is, if you don’t already know, what is a bone folder.  For many paper crafters this will be an easily answered question.  A bone folder is a tool used to assist crafters in scoring, folding , setting a crease and burnishing paper and card stock.  Those who are involved with origami (artistic paper-folding) will be very familiar with bone folders.

Scrapbook and card crafters will find this simple tool to be an imminence help with many of the projects.  A bone folder will help create an elegant looking page or card with folds a more professional look.  Burnishing–putting a glossy or shinny finish on paper rubbed with the a bone tool.

Paper crafters will find the straight edge useful as a folding aid.  By placing the straight edge along a scored line or other defined line on the project, the paper can be folded evenly and then creased with rubbing over the fold if needed.  Crafters should be especially careful with sharp edged bone folders that they don’t cut into, or poke a hole in their project where they aren’t wanted.  For those hard to reach fold and crease areas, the bone folder’s pointed end can

Also, the straight edge portion of the tool can be used as a guide when tearing off excess paper material.  This gives a bit of a bit of a deckle edge look.  be used to work paper in tight areas like squaring off corners.

These folders come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet various crafting needs.  They traditionally have been made from real animal bone, but they can be found out of stone or Teflon.  They may even come with an ornately carved handle.  Which type to use is more a preference of the crafter.  Obviously, cost may have much to do with the selection and purchase of a bone folder tool.

You can find these handy tools at most scrapbook supply, craft or hobby stores.  For those who may favor shopping online here are a couple of links:, and Bone Folder.

Additionally, if you are looking for a handy tool for scoring crease guides check out our article on Scor-Pal and Scor-it.

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