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The scrapbooking and card making craze has exploded with participants of the past decade.  The number of individuals involved in paper crafts has grown to the millions.  With this phenomenal growth has come the surge of new products and tools–even creating the growth of numerous businesses whose sole purpose is to feed the hungry paper craft market.

While this explosion of new an innovative tools and products has come the dilemma of what to own.  There isn’t an easy answer to this question.  The needs of each crafter is personal.  What one crafter may deem as a necessity, another may well look at it as a luxury.

We make no recommendations here about what is a “must” and what is “extravagance.”  You be the judge.  What could be helpful is to know there are many “used” tools and products out there.  The nice thing about these “second-hand” items is that many have tons of usability left in them.  Oh, and the prices are much more reasonable than buying new.

If you can get over not having a new tool, but a functional and usable tool at a good price, we highly recommend doing a little leg work to acquire your tools and products on the cheap.

First and foremost of these would be liquidations from the manufactures or suppliers.  If you aren’t nosing around the “sale” bins at you local craft stores, you are missing some great opportunities to buy at prices one might feel were “give-away.”

Want ads in your local newspaper could lead you to good items for a song.

Do some searches on the Internet too.  eBay, Google Shopping (go to Google Shopping and type in the name of the item or category you’re interested in) and Amazon all have items listed as used, and their prices can be more than reasonable.

It pays to look around and shop around a bit.  The time and energy you spend looking for great deals could reward you with excellent products at fantastic price.

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