Scapbooking is not new by any stretch of the imagination.  The progression from simple “photo-books” to the more embellished scrapbook of recent years has been a major transformation.  Scrapbooking today has become as much an art form as a means of protecting and presenting our photographic handy-work.  Now, with the advent of the computer, much more can be accomplished by the paper crafter to ensure a picturesque presentation of those photographs.

Computer technology has brought forward the ability to marry pictures with graphic embellishments to make them more pleasing to view, and establish some meaningful organization–themed cataloging.  That is not to say that traditional scrapbooking has gone the way of the dinosaur.  What the computer provides is another medium to be able to generate enjoyable and pleasant photo-books or pages.

The cost to enjoy traditional scrapbooking has escalated over the years as new and exciting products and tools have been introduced.  There is also a significant time commitment when engaging in the traditional craft.  The computer has provided a lowering of the cost and time commitment, as well as providing easier and simpler ways to accomplish the same thing.

With the help of specialized computer programs like PhotoMix, a crafter can engage in scrapbooking using their computer to save both time and money.  With computer or digital scrapbooking you have no cutting or messing with tacky glues, and the clean-up is a snap.

Other worthwhile considerations for those inclined to do their scrapbooking with the help of their computer, the internet or online services should definitely consider  They are equipped with a wide variety of opportunities to utilize and store your precious photos.

Scrapbooking should not be hindered by lack of opportunity, but only by lack of individual motivation.  You provide the motivation and photographs, and and Photomix will provide the other ingredients to help you complete a fantastic scrapbook.

Get going!

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