quickutz letterpress epic QuicKutz Letterpress Combo

There isn’t an easier way to begin letterpress printing than with this combo offered by QuicKutz.  If you don’t have one you should!

quickutz letterpress epic combo QuicKutz Letterpress Combo


Printing words or designs with ink paralleled with debossing the print into your print medium (a thick soft paper).  This simple all in one process will create distinctively textured stylish projects.  The QuicKut Letterpress will help you add elegance and flair to any of your handmade craft projects:  cards, invitations, gifts stationary, and other projects you can conceive or design.  Want to add something special to what may seem mundane or unadorned?  This is the tool to help you with that challenge.  Use your imagination to design or fashion a touch of elegance and style to what otherwise may be routine, everyday, monotonous cards, invitations, etc.

This QuicKutz Letterpress combination comes with the following:

  • Ink Base
  • Brayer (A small hand roller used to spread ink thinly and evenly.)
  • 10 - A2 Flat Cards
  • 9 – Printing Plates
  • Tube of Black Ink
  • Circle Cutting Dies

Go to this link to see how the Letterpress works.  (Click here)

To purchase a QuicKutz Letterpress Epic 6 Combo (Click here).

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