This Portable Scrapbook or Craft Table could give you all the workspace and storage you should need.

portable craft table3 Portable Scrapbook or Craft Table

This wooden Portable Craft Table is both portable and collapsible in design.  The table provides ample space for most all craft and scrapbook projects to be worked on.  The table measures 53 1/2″ wide by 29″ high by 15 1/2 deep when fully opened, and 29″ wide by 29 1/8″ high by 15 1/2″ deep when closed (an easy store-able size).

The table expands by simply lifting the the top extension and dropping the folding legs.  The legs are fitted with locking casters for easy and convenient movement about your workspace area.

A green measuring grid is a part of the table’s top.  There is also storage under the hinged top section of the table where your craft supplies can be hidden from view, but easily accessible when needed.

The table base has four (4) storage Drawers which are 12″ x 13″ x 5″ deep extend out to 10 inches.

This Craft or Scrapbook Table could well be the answer to having your own dedicated workspace.

portable craft table3 Portable Scrapbook or Craft Table

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